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It's Not Just James Bond Who Likes to Drink and Gamble

It's Not Just James Bond Who Likes to Drink and Gamble

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Drinking and gambling are two of James Bond’s most favorite hobbies. When he is not chasing the bad guys and blowing stuff up, he is blowing off steam at the poker table or sipping a Martini. In fact, some of the most iconic James Bond scenes are set in the casino or casino bar. They even made a whole film on the subject in Casino Royale.

He's arguably the most recognizable global movie character to enjoy a drink and a wager, but who else ticks these boxes? Join us as we discuss different movie characters known to love gambling and a drink or two.

Drinking and Gambling in Movies

Drinking and gambling both provide ample opportunities for screenwriters and filmmakers to tap into recognizable narratives and engage the audience. The risks associated with both present great storylines and scenes that build tension among viewers. They're excellent topics for films to dive into, whether it be slapstick comedy or serious thrillers. They're even great topics for game developers to use. For example, one of the most popular online casino slot games right now, Heidi and Hannahs Bier Haus, was made to celebrate the best alcohol at Oktoberfest and gets a lot of great reviews.

Movie Characters Who Liked Gambling and Drinking

1.   Austin Powers

You probably weren't expecting James Bond and Austin Powers to be in the same boat today, but we're putting them in it together. Austin Powers was frequently seen sipping a drink in the casino. One of his most memorable scenes is taking on Dr Evil's number two over a game of blackjack. Of course, the cringe scale is blown out of the water, but it is still a funny scene most people remember.

2.   Monty Capuletti

Who? We know, we’ve had to dig this one out of a time capsule. Rodney Dangerfield was a stage name for Jack Roy, a U.S. comedian and actor who played Monty Capuletti in a 1983 film called Easy Money. The film tells the story of trying to pass on a 40/1 tip for the races. Monty is the typical man who might not be winning in every aspect of life, but he is undoubtedly having a lot of fun as a lovable beer drinker and gambler.

 3.   Eddie Felson

Eddie Felson was a character from the 1961 film, The Hustler. He was played by Paul Newman and had a lot of similarities to James Bond. He was confident, a little cocky but also likeable. Oh, and he liked to gamble on his own talents as a pool player while enjoying a beer. Unlike many other characters who add alcohol to a casino, this film adds gambling to the local bar.