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Joylissa: Crafty Celebrity Stories

Joylissa: Crafty Celebrity Stories

Singer/songwriter Joylissa joins The Beer Connoisseur for the next installment of Crafty Celebrity Stories, which features the best tales of ale (and more) from leading actors, celebrities and persons of interest.

Joylissa is a pop-influenced singer/songwriter from Pullman, Washington. She just released a new song entitled "Just Follow Me," which is available on all major streaming platforms.

Beer drinkers like to laugh. What’s the funniest drinking story you can share with us?

As a kid, for whatever reason, I peed my pants a lot. I didn’t wet my bed much, but when I was out and about I would be so distracted by what I was doing or what was going on around me that I wouldn’t notice that I was getting to the point of needing to use the bathroom. 

So with that in mind… here’s my story:

My parents took me and my siblings on a trip to New York when I was six years old. I am the youngest of the brood, but I did my best to keep up with everyone. One evening I found myself with the sudden need to pee. I told my parents, but we were on Wall Street and there was nothing that was open since it was getting late. We went in and out of businesses but none of them allowed for customers to use their restrooms. Finally we found a TGI Fridays with a long hallway to the bathroom that told us we could use their facilities. Just as we were about to reach the bathroom door I apparently couldn’t hold it a moment longer and peed in the hallway. My parents helped get me cleaned up and bought me an adult large “I Love New York” t-shirt from a street vendor. I then wore my fanny pack around my waist, believing my mom and sister when they told me it looked like a dress. Then we went on our merry way to continue sightseeing. A few hours later, while on the subway home, I informed my mom I again needed to use the restroom and nearly immediately wet the seat I was sitting in. 

Unfortunately, this is only one of the many childhood pants-wetting stories I have.

Who's the coolest person you've had a beer or drink with?
Probably my professor/mentor from college. It may sound insignificant, but looking back, it felt like a rite of passage into adulthood and going from being seen as purely a student to being seen as an equal.

What are a few of your favorite craft beers and why?
I unfortunately have a gluten intolerance. What a drag, right? But I enjoy trying any gluten-free beer I come across since I so rarely get to enjoy this beloved beverage! Some of my favorite gluten-free beers include the Redbridge Lager and the famed Bard's Beer.

Do you have a favorite (craft) brewery or breweries and why?
Living in Los Angeles, Golden Road Brewing is one of my favorite places to go! They have a great venue and staff. There are lots of games, and they even have a trivia night! Fun fact, my first time playing trivia was at Golden Road and my team won! I haven’t won a game of trivia since though...

What types of brews do you have while in the recording studio and on your rider for shows?
I enjoy a quality beermosa. If it’s possible to get fresh orange juice in there, I’m in heaven!

What upcoming projects / music do you have brewing? 
My upcoming song “Just Follow Me"! This is one I’m really excited about. It’s a song about dancing and having a good time. Coming out of a rough year, I hope it helps to lift everyone’s spirits!