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Legal Rights of Injured Pedestrians in Car Accidents

Understand the legal rights of pedestrians injured in car accidents, including their right to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional trauma. Also, understand the steps to take immediately after an accident.

Legal Rights of Injured Pedestrians in Car Accidents

One can easily understand that life in cities implies a large number of people who have to walk from place to place.

However, with development and advancement in the transport sector, there is a high probability of accidents that involve pedestrians.

Pedestrian car accident injuries are some of the worst one can encounter on the road since they leave victims vulnerable to both physical harm and emotional trauma.

In such situations, it is important that you have to know your legal options. This blog post will try to explain the legal rights of the injured pedestrian in car accidents and the ways to get compensation and justice. Remember that if you were involved in a car accident then you should contact a reputable car accident lawyer in Houston, TX.

The Drivers Should Always be Very Careful

It is important to begin by defining the term duty of care before proceeding to the rights of the pedestrians in the context of the law.

Everyone who drives a car has the duty to exercise due diligence while driving especially in areas where people are likely to be found such as, the streets, the crossing, the pavement among others.

In the event a driver is found to have neglected or been careless in performing this duty and ends up causing harm to pedestrians, then the driver is legally liable to be held responsible.

What are The Right of Compensation for Pedestrians?

Right to Compensation:

As for the injured pedestrians, they have the right to claim for compensation for any damages that they have suffered as a result of the accident.

This includes not only initial medical costs associated with the accident and the resulting injuries, but also all subsequent medical expenses for the further treatment of the victim.

Also, compensation may include lost wages and earning capacity if the injuries lead to temporary or permanent disability, as well as other general damages like pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Knowing the extent of your losses is important when bargaining for a settlement or arguing your case in a court of law.

Right to File a Lawsuit:

In most cases the pedestrian accident is handled through an insurance claim process but the injured pedestrian has the right to file a lawsuit if they are not able to get a reasonable compensation from the insurance company.

Claims enable the aggrieved to recover loss from the offending driver or other responsible persons.

The injured pedestrian can seek justice by filing a lawsuit against the negligent party and seeking adequate compensation for the damages they have suffered.

It should also be noted that there are some time limits within which the case must be initiated, and thus, it is advisable to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Right to Legal Representation:

The legal process is often intricate and time-consuming, and it can be overwhelming for the victim on top of the physical and emotional trauma they have suffered from the accident.

The need for an experienced car accident attorney cannot be overemphasized because only a lawyer can stand up for you and make sure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

It is always advisable to engage a lawyer to handle your case to help ease the pressure that comes with filing a claim and guarantee that your interests are protected throughout the process.

So, in this case, if you are searching for the best personal injury lawyers, then you should turn to Mokaram Law Firm for help.

Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident:

For your own safety, it is always best to consult a doctor right away, even if you think you are not badly hurt.

If possible, obtain the evidential support at the scene of the accident which includes pictures, statements from the witnesses, and the driver’s details.

The next step is to report the accident to the police to file a report and get a copy of the same.

Always retain any records that may be relevant, such as medical bills, letters, and documents from insurance providers.

It is advisable to speak with a personal injury lawyer to get advice on your legal options and how to pursue compensation.