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Lorenzini Double IPA

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Maui Brewing Lorenzini Double IPA

Sharks are fascinating. As macropredators, they reign over almost all other animals in the oceans. There have been numerous fictional depictions of sharks and they have become a huge part of popular culture, even going so far as having their own week of programming on Discovery Channel – a 26-year tradition!

Hawaiians know plenty about sharks, as the Pacific is brimming with the fine finned fellows. Maui Brewing Company’s Lorenzini Double IPA is brewed in collaboration with the shark research program at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, and a portion of all proceeds help support shark research.

Brewed with interesting hops (notably the rare Sorachi Ace varietal), blood orange juice and tangerines, this tart citrusy DIPA has a real bite, but enough malt sweetness to make it a highly quaffable brew. The name Lorenzini references a special sensory organ found in sharks that allows them to recognize electric fields of other animals. The only sense I got after one of these is that I want another.

-- Chris Guest