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Magic Hat #9

Magic Hat #9

Magic Hat #9 is one of the original American craft shandys. Creator Alan Newman is, of course, another American original when it comes to brewing, branding and entrepreneurship.

After being forced to move on after one of the original big beer buyouts (his partners did the deal with North American Breweries in 2010), Newman has become the brewer and TV advertising face of Curious Traveler Shandy.

With summer here and given the shandy-ing of America (the #9 was even served on a Leinenkugel's Shandy coaster), it seemed to be a good time to revisit #9. Technically, it's a fruit beer and definitely not a blended radler. The brew remains distinctive in its pick-me-up apricot fruitiness while retaining a strong beer character. It might be weird if it weren't so good.

-- Jonathan Ingram