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Meet Avaline: The Organic Wine Brand of Cameron Diaz

Meet Avaline: The Organic Wine Brand of Cameron Diaz

Avaline is the latest wine brand launched by Hollywood starlet, wine connoisseur and entrepreneur Cameron Diaz in collaboration with her entrepreneur friend Katherine Power. In recent months, the wine industry has been abuzz with Avaline because of its star power and the fact that it’s throwing down a gauntlet to challenge the wine industry at large.

Avaline is an organic and vegan wine with a transparent production process. While most wine brands try to hide the intricacies of their wine production process, Cameron Diaz welcomes it with open arms. In fact, each Avaline bottle features a label clearly listing all the ingredients in large font to ensure the consumers that they’re drinking truly organic wine.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s revolutionary within an industry wherein most wine brands use the term “organic” as little more than a marketing gimmick. However, to understand Avaline and its potential, you must understand Avaline’s history, the current state of affairs in the wine industry, and how Avaline is different from other wine brands.

Avaline’s History

Cameron Diaz is a huge wine connoisseur with a passion for organic living — she only eats and drinks organic and vegan. However, she was shocked when she learned that the “organic” wine she had been drinking with her friends wasn’t actually organic at all. She learned that the term “organic” had no legal weight, and that set her on a mission to produce Avaline.

Most wines are produced using hundreds of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, artificial colors and flavors and other additives. They’re also filtered through fish bladders, egg whites and other animal by-products. One may think “organic” wines are different, but they’re not. The lack of regulation in the wine industry allows manufacturers to use the organic label for a very low bar — avoiding sulfites.

When Cameron Diaz learned this, she toured Europe’s finest organic vineyards with her friend Katherine Power to start her own organic wine brand. Cameron Diaz brings the passion for organic wines, and Katherine Power brings the entrepreneurial insight necessary to make Diaz’s vision a reality. Together, the two successfully produce Avaline, an organic wine that’s actually, well, organic.

Avaline’s Uniqueness

Avaline is a unique organic wine because it doesn’t feature any unnecessary chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, animal by-products, or artificial flavors. Truly organic wines are produced using biodiversity practices, such as sheep grazing, the introduction of insects to control pests and other methods. Avaline is produced using biodiverse practices.

Furthermore, Avaline is a delicious wine available in aesthetically pleasing bottles. Each wine bottle comes in various pastel shades, featuring a large label listing all the ingredients used at various stages of the wine production process. This holds Avaline accountable — Cameron Diaz must use organic wine practices because the large labels invite inspection.

As such, Avaline is unique because it doesn’t dissuade inspection but rather invites it. You’re encouraged to hold Avaline and Cameron Diaz accountable. You deserve nothing less than the best.