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Nauti Seltzer

Nauti Seltzer Wachusett Brewing

While we are a beer publication first and foremost, sometimes an interesting product comes along that dazzles us with its aesthetic and style. Nauti Seltzer, contract-brewed out of Wachusett Brewing Company in Massachusetts, is one such drink.

Nauti Seltzer is an alcoholic seltzer, naturally flavored with various fruit syrups with flavors like lemon-lime, grapefruit, cranberry and raspberry.

Though we were initially skeptical, Nauti's have proved worthy in a variety of scenarios. By itself, a can serves as a low-cal alternative to beer. So, if you want a little extra stomach-room or just want to cut down on your overall intake, it's a more refreshing alternative to light beer, or a good, palate-cleansing sipper between whales.

Also, if you're feeling creative you can pair one of the four styles with a spirit for a clean and deceptively powerful cocktail. Pairing the lemon-lime Nauti with tequila mellowed the bite while complementing the spirit’s unmistakable agave character.

The Nauti variants are also enjoyably quaffed after a long day of work. We can attest, as we popped open the grapefruit version and were impressed with its subtlety – it doesn’t knock you over the head with overdone flavors, but rather massages the palate with a zesty fruitiness before finishing with a snappy carbonation – the hallmark of any good seltzer.

Nauti Seltzer is a good alternative to overly sugary sodas which aren't affiliated with your father, and they make excellent accompaniments on beach trips and pool days.

-- Chris Guest