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Softly Spoken Magic Spells by SingleCut BeerSmiths

“Breathe, Breathe in the hops…”

Pink Floyd’s seminal 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon is invariably spoken of in the same hushed, reverent tones as other classics such Kind of Blue, Sgt. Pepper’s, Highway 61 Revisited, Are You Experienced? and Who’s Next. SingleCut BeerSmiths in New York, NY named this powerful Double IPA after the parting line in Dark Side’s opening track* Speak to Me / Breathe.

Breathing is certainly something this beer invites, as its initial aroma gushes piney and resiny notes from the glass with unchecked fruitiness whirring along underneath – thanks to this beer’s striking haziness.

Speaking of its appearance, you can have this beer Any Colour You Like – as long as that color is a gorgeous, hazy orange.

So whether you've got plenty of Time, or you're On The Run, this hazy NY DIPA is a delightful treat... for both Us and Them. This beer truly Speaks to Me, and it Breathes new life into the endlessly saturated IPA market – though this segment does still demand lots of Money from craft beer fanatics.

Since this beer Eclipses 8 percent ABV, too many of these will definitely cause some temporary Brain Damage, but I can promise one thing: SingleCut’s Softly Spoken Magic Spells transcends the mundane and lifts you up on a soft, pillowy head of cream-colored foam, serving as an apotheosis – however briefly – to The Great Gig in the Sky.

– Chris Guest

*Don’t worry, I know this line actually occurs during the reprise of Breathe at the end of Time, but that just doesn’t flow as well within this post, and this album is, musically, all about flow.