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Sweet Action

Sixpoint Brewery Sweet Action Ale

It's time to give this pint glass some Sweet Action! In today's Pint Break, we are going to explore the fine art of glass blowing by Working Man Hand Made. The company's passionate glassmakers and designers, Miranda Work and Skitch Manion, use traditional techniques inspired by modern aesthetic. As a small company located in Philadelphia, they strive to design without limitations and do whatever it takes to make those ideas happen.

As for Sweet Action, the BA labels this as a Cream Ale. I will not argue that although I believe it tastes more like a Pale Ale with caramel malts, citrus hops and a slightly bitter backbone. This beer is rather bready as the fuzzy head leaves lovely lacing on the glass. As you can see, it's Mad Science.

To top it off, using the proper glassware for this pour reinforced all five of my senses, in particular the smell of the unique, grainy malts. The wheat artwork inlay at the base of the glass is absolutely beautiful and portrays this imagery well. Bottoms up!

Check out the Working Man Hand Made shop on Etsy:


- Lisa Silfies