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Texas Breweries Are Gearing Up as Bill 1024 Opens the Beer Scene

Texas Breweries Are Gearing Up as Bill 1024 Opens the Beer Scene

Craft beers and microbreweries have thrived on home delivery services over the past year. In Texas, service of this type has been restricted; but, with the Texas Tribune heralding the likely passage of Bill 1024, restaurants and brewers will finally be allowed to provide their wares via home service. This is a huge boon for the Texan brewing industry. The hot and dry climate of the state has given rise to a long history of excellent and refreshing ales and lagers – this new bill gives the breweries bottling them up the opportunity to show off to the world.

The ranch experience

There’s nothing that defines Texas quite like the ranch. Migration to the country is seeing a glut of ranches for sale as landowners cash in on the new rush, and a few of these estates are being turned into brewing hubs. With copious acreage for growing materials, and plenty of land to expand operations to, its little wonder. At the center of the new boom is Shiner, which is the home of Gambrinus and its iconic Shiner Bock. This new generation of rural-based beers, which make the best use of the open space and the country history around them, is giving a real Texas edge to beers and imparting that ranch history on the brews.

Urban heroes

The modern Texan state is as much about its urban areas as the ranches and countryside that make up the bulk of the state geography. Areas like San Antonio have had a huge role to play in the modern makeup of the state, and this has been highlighted by KSAT. German, Austrian and Czech migrants to the city created a rich beer-brewing history that makes San Antonio one of the most exciting regions in the country for small-scale artisan brewing. This is likely to only get more diverse as the city opens up to new business over the coming months.

A taste of history

This rich beer-brewing tapestry has brought in the big guns. According to The Chron, popular brands like Yuengling are set to make their debut in the state with production moving in. Bringing in brands like Yuengling with their 192-year history is a big nod in the direction of how much Texas loves its beers from across the brewing spectrum. The freshness of cold and fizzy lagers can be a welcome treat in the stiflingly hot days of Texas summers; conversely, hoppy and intriguing brews match the inner-city energy and creativity of Houston, Dallas and cities further afield. Bringing in national brands with a real pedigree for brewing innovation is big news for the state.

Texas is alive with a vibrant beer culture that caters to every background and palate. Whether rurally focused or city-based, there’s a product for every beer drinker on a visit to the Lone Star State. With new products arriving, the scene is only going to broaden.