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Things to Do in the UK After Visiting a Brewery

After embarking on a brewery tour in U.K., your journey doesn't end there. Indulge in extracurricular activities at various places, included adrenaline-fueled greyhound racing in Norfolk or modern darts at Flight Club Birmingham.

Things to Do in the UK After Visiting a Brewery

Going on a brewery tour in the U.K. is great. There are plenty of fantastic places to visit, including brewpubs, mead makers and a host of gastronomic hotspots. When the day is done, you might need something else to keep you entertained. Fortunately, as you probably already know, the U.K. isn’t a one-trick pony when it comes to entertainment.

Whatever your tipple, there will be something to satisfy your tastebuds in any town or city you stop in on your U.K. brewery tour. So here are some extracurricular activities with a pub theme you can indulge in while you’re travelling across the country in search of the best brews:

Norfolk Dog Track

Norfolk is home to more than 50 breweries, making it one of the U.K.’s top brewing hotspots. Lacons in the seaside town of Great Yarmouth is one of the best places to visit, but when the beer sampling is done, we suggest a night at the dog track.

A stroll down the pier is great, but greyhound racing is all action. You only have to look through the latest greyhound racing betting markets online to see that there are races taking place all the time. From showdowns in Ipswich, New Zealand, to Suffolk Downs in the U.K., top online bookmakers have daily betting odds for greyhound racing.

If you’re in Great Yarmouth, it’s worth visiting the track for an evening of high-octane entertainment, food and more. Races take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, so you’ll always have options when you’re in town.

Darts at Flight Club Birmingham

Birmingham is the U.K.’s second largest city, so you won’t be short of options on your brewery tour. The same goes for extracurricular entertainment. Sticking with our theme, Flight Club Birmingham is a must if you’re in the city. Located on Temple Street, this venue offers a modern take on a classic pub game.

As well as a fully licensed bar and restaurant, Flight Club is well known for its darts scene. You can hire a dart board for an hour and take on your friends in a battle for the bullseye. As well as playing the classic 501, you can use computer screens to activate novel games.

The game is fun for anyone who isn’t a hardcore darts player. What’s more, it adds some extra excitement to the night as you can set up challenge matches and, if you like, a friendly wager or two.

Pool Night?

London needs no introduction when it comes to breweries. From Sambrook's in Wandsworth to the Camden Town Brewery, there are plenty of places to whet your whistle. When you’re ready to move onto something else, we suggest heading to the pool.

Instead of getting wet, the pool we’re referring to has six pockets and plenty of colored balls. We’re talking about the cousin of snooker and billiards. London is home to a plethora of pool bars, including the quirky but classy 1920.  

Alongside pool tables for hire (£20 per hour), you can play electronic darts, table football and grab some snacks. For an entertaining and potentially competitive night out, 1920 is a great place to work off any excess energy you’ve got left after a day touring London’s top breweries.