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Tips on arranging a perfect smoke spot in your own house

Tips on arranging a perfect smoke spot in your own house

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When it comes to how to relax at home, the first thing that comes to mind is a sofa, a bed, and a bubble bath. However, you can look at the issue more broadly and organize additional places for recreation and smoking at no particular cost. If you want to smoke and eat something delicious after a hard-working day, what design ideas should be adopted? Read the material below.

First of all, you should decide where exactly to locate your smoking spot. Let’s see what variants we can consider.



The window sill will be a great place to place a sofa on it. A narrow window sill can be expanded, and a wide one only needs to be supplemented with a mattress and pillows. It is also possible to use upholstered panels. If there is space left on the sides of the window, it is good to place shelves with books and smoking instruments(bong, ashtray, pipes, and others)there. Then you get a very cozy smoking area.


The balcony is perhaps the best place to experiment. It’s true, that in order to feel comfortable there even at sub-zero temperatures outside, it is necessary that it be glazed and insulated. 

In this case, I recommend equipping a folding table and a wide bench shelf on the balcony, under which it will be practical to make a storage space closed with doors. The shelf can be covered with a carpet with a long pile and there can be placed pillows.


A comfortable place for reading or watching TV can be arranged in the corner of the fancy living room. For decor, wooden furniture pallets are suitable, which can be folded into a small podium.

On top of it, you definitely need to put on a mattress and cover it with a blanket. As for the back of the structure, you can use soft wall panels.

Hammock and cocoon chair

Usually, a fabric hammock and a rattan cocoon chair appear to us in rural landscapes - in a summer cottage. However, nothing prevents you from placing them in the apartment. If space permits, a hammock, and a cocoon chair can be hung right in the room.

In the absence of "free" square meters, these designs fit well into the interior of a balcony or loggia. They are fixed on hooks, special holders, and in the case of a cocoon chair, also on chains attached to the ceiling.


Sometimes, in order to get comfortable and relax, you need the right atmosphere. At home, it will help to create a fireplace. Due to technical features, few can afford wood or gas constructions. However, electric or bio-fireplaces are quite affordable for a wide range of customers. Also, an interesting solution would be a decorative niche under the "hearth".

When planning additional places for relaxation and smoking, do not forget about useful little things. So, it would be right to provide high-quality lighting to the relaxation zone, sockets, objects, or niches nearby where you can put a cup of tea, a tablet/laptop, or put a book.

The relaxation zone is not only just smoking, it is a place where you will be comfortable alone with yourself, forgetting about everyday affairs. Although this is one of the areas that a priori should be cozy. But besides it, there are other options for organizing space for recreation.

Air purifiers

The most economical option is to install air cleaners. Experts warn that floor-standing or wall-mounted equipment won't work because the smoke rises. Accordingly, ceiling structures are needed.

As the consultants specify, it can be a small box a little more than a meter in length, similar in shape to an air conditioner. This air purifier is equipped with two two-chamber filters. All elements pass through metal plates and linger in them, and after processing, purified air returns to the room. The system is powered by electricity and controlled by remote control.

But, according to the expert of the company it is not enough to choose just an air cleaner, it is important to take into account the presence of the necessary filters in its kit. For example, the installation of the equipment will not make sense if the filter does not contain activated (rock, charcoal) charcoal treated with absorbents.

You can install the air cleaner yourself. Experts advise installing equipment in the room where the resident of the apartment is going to smoke. It is better to perform the procedure directly under the air cleaner because then the air will be filtered faster.

In fact, experts are citing cheaper but less effective options for setting up a smoking area at home. For example, you can put an ashtray that absorbs smoke. It is able to minimize the harmful effects of tar smoke on non-smoking relatives, friends, and colleagues. Such a device will be relevant if there are children in the house.

Other things to consider 

Basic rules for creating a smoking zone in a house:

  • Use materials with a pleasant texture (cotton, linen, cork), softness and naturalness are welcome (smooth stone, wood, ceramics).
  • In terms of color, the elements of the recreation area can be both neutral and with bright color accents.
  • It is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature, this will help you with underfloor heating and good ventilation. In such a room, everything should be ergonomic, the floors should not be slippery, and interior elements without sharp corners.

In what style is it better to arrange a recreation area?

Popular styles:

  • Oriental
  • Indian
  • Minimalism
  • Provence
  • Eco style

Of course, you need to choose the style that is closest to your interior.

Details you might need to create a cozy corner:

  • Aroma lamps;
  • Pillows;
  • Foot pads;
  • Head pillow;
  • Comfortable chairs;
  • Soft comfortable sofa
  • Candles
  • Stones, shells
  • Live plants, such as ficus benjamin, cyclamen, orange, palm, and orchid. The list does not end here, it all depends on your preferences.
  • Convenient storage systems (baskets, shelves)


To organize a calm zone for smoking soft diffused light is suitable. You can highlight individual zones - panels on the walls, and plants.

Music is one of the important elements: try to choose pleasant, relaxing, harmonious sounds. And of course, it is best if you will choose the music that you like the most.