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Tips to Become a Great Podcaster

Tips to Become a Great Podcaster

The creation of podcasts requires constant self-development. This article is for podcasters who care about the quality of their audio content and are searching for ways to expand their audience.

How to become a splendid podcaster

Searching for new ways of information delivery is an essential part of the podcast recording process. Going through previous podcasts, finding mistakes and being willing to improve your overall audio content is reasonable for each creator. Find out if your podcasts match the standard requirements and pick up the new techniques provided in this article.

Working with podcasts about beer

Whether you want to tell your audience about pubs, breweries or famous brewers, podcasts are an excellent way to transmit the information to the audience. There are plenty of beer-relative themes to discuss for genuine beer admirers. Among them are semi-structured interviews, advice from high-class specialists, practical suggestions from experienced craft beer writers, the modern trends of the beer industry and homebrew guidance. Those who record regular episodes need to be great podcasters to keep the audience. 

Podcasters who want to move on and expand the audience via transcribing the audio content into text may need the help of transcription experts. That is an excellent opportunity to create an Internet blog, gather comments, and develop a beer community. Transcribing professional transcriptionists are always at your service. You can place your order for online transcription on a professional transcribing website.

Podcasts of decent quality are essential in the days of their speedy growth among Internet users. The total amount of listening audience of podcasts has already exceeded 100 million. Marketing experts expect the increase of this digit to 25 million more within two coming years. Except for sharing your breath-catching news with others, podcasts can be your profit too. Let’s observe how to improve the quality of your audio content for the captivation of a wider audience and earning more.

Technical tips

A skilled podcaster should pay close attention to numerous technical issues:

  1. To reach a decent quality of the audio conversation, make sure to record it from Skype to mobile instead of Skype to Skype. Due to frequent usage of built-in microphones of a laptop or the one which comes from a web camera directly, it may seem like your interlocutor is very far from the recorder. Control the level of the microphone regularly.
  2. Check up the Internet connection quality and its speed. Audio that cuts out consistently is irritating and pushes the listeners away even if the pod is thrilling.
  3. Use the prepaid Skype plan for phone calls due to appropriate volume and its optimal level. Implement an additional software that provides a function to normalize volume.
  4. Decrease an introduction to twenty seconds. By stealing even a minute of the time of your listeners, you risk losing their attention. Keep it straight to the content. Ideally, the introduction should include:
  • the tagline;
  • the name of the pod;
  • presentation of the author;
  • a brief overview of the podcast;
  • appeal to action.

While representing this information, some musical backing is welcome and appropriate.

Using these will significantly help to increase the quality of your audio content and ease transcribing audio into text.

The content tips

The general meaning and the way of its delivery is your core strategy to win the attention. To make your podcast listen till the end, think out your content, considering the following suggestions:

  1. Feel your audience. When you understand the needs of your listeners, building up the conversation or a monologue becomes more logical and engaging. As a host, mark this feature as paramount. Imagine the feelings of your audience when they hear what you transmit. Catch difficult words, clarify them and make them understandable to everyone. These steps will help to settle a close contact with your listeners and make them return to you again.
  2. Control the volume of the provided information. Overloaded content sounds moody and confusing. Your listeners will likely skip you after a few minutes. Try to make it light and understanding. Some humorous insertions are highly appreciated. Develop new strategies of delivering the information all the time, polishing the effectiveness of your communication. Dilute the facts with the breaks or slight diversions. Unlike a monotonous speech, the dynamic one sounds much more exciting.
  3. Implement the preparation process. Either you are an interviewer or a guest, a podcast requires you to be fully equipped. This stage will keep you focused. The methods of preparation depend on the author. Some preliminary research, notes, or a draft can be in handy.
  4. Express your love to the point of discussion. Speaking about beer, your listeners should feel that you really love it, and not just retelling them the information taken from somewhere. The tone of your voice and the power of your words matter to listeners a lot. The experts on the topic sound more convincing compared to amateurs. Control what you say and how you do it.
  5. Select the delivered information thoroughly. In the times of the Internet, you can learn everything about everything. The talent to refine the content determines the future of your podcast series. Listen to your previously done records from time to time in order to analyze the progress and make necessary corrections for better success.

Among all suggestions, do not lose the uniqueness of your personality. Remain individual and express yourself the way you are. Listeners feel the fake authors intuitively. Hence, add the remarks from personal experience, add your sincere emotions extensively. Allow your listeners to know you better without a fear to mistake. That can be a reason to laugh too!


Becoming a talented podcaster needs some skills. Once you develop them, your podcast will shine while the listeners will crave hearing you again and again. And professional transcription services will make your podcast even more popular and accessible to readers.