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Top 5 Casinos with Terrific Bars

Top 5 Casinos with Terrific Bars

Gambling is exciting and entertaining, and if you're lucky, you could walk away with a huge stack of money. Many individuals also enjoy gambling with a glass of wine, which is now possible to do at home. With the advancement of technology and innovation, the world of gambling has shifted to a digital age dominated by online casinos, like the many sign-up bonus no deposit online casinos reviewed by Casino Reviews. Many people choose online casinos for their convenience, but if you want to experience the casino ambiance and adrenaline rush that it can bring, visiting land-based casinos is the ideal alternative. And if you want to travel and discover the best casinos, you've come to the right place because right now, we'll show you five casinos with the best bars ever.

Genting Casino – Sheffield

Genting Casino is one of the U.K.'s top casinos. This glimmering casino can be found in the middle of the busy street of Sheffield City, United Kingdom. This casino chain is modern with its slots, gaming tables, and not to mention a fabulous late-night bar. It offers 59,180 square ft of leisure. They won't fall short of games with over 300 traditional casino games and 3,000 online casino games. Genting Casino is home to 18 bars and restaurants and over 178 rooms at the Genting Hotel with 5-star suites and 4-star rooms. You will find that the highlight of this casino is the Live Performances. One of the reasons their bar stands at the top is the wide range of drinks the menu offers. Partnered with excellent service and knowledgeable staff their bar, the Fahrenheit Bar, will surely make you feel cozy.

The Chandelier Casino Bar – Las Vegas Strip

It got its name from its bar's chandelier-like shape. The breath-taking centerpiece is built with 7 million crystals all for your eyes to behold at different vantage points. The Chandelier Bar Casino stands 44 ft tall and 75 ft of goodness in diameter nestled in the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas. You will never find a dull moment in this place with the games they offer amounting to around 600 in total including slot machines, video, and reel games. The glistening bar has three levels with each offering a different experience the higher you move up to the floors. Their drinks are simply a must with the house signature Whiskey Business and We're All Mad Here. The atmosphere, the 24/7 bar, and its 600 games are all that make the Chandelier Casino Bar one of the best in the world.

Place du Casino, Monaco

If you're looking for the grandest casino in all of Monaco, then Place du Casino is your next destination. It is such a prominent building in the entirety of Monte Carlo, Monaco for its ornate architecture stands out at first glance. You will also find that this is no doubt the largest casino in Monaco with 108,000 square feet reserved for the joys of gambling. Some of the many games they feature include baccarat, blackjack, craps, European roulette, stud poker, and Texas Hold’em on top of the 500 slot games, and video poker that can be found at one of their other casinos, the Café de Paris. The Place du Casino houses three bars each with its own features to offer. This place is so good a James Bond movie was filmed here and if it's good enough for Hollywood it might be the same for you.

The Heliot Cocktail Bar – London

The Heliot Cocktail bar is found within the Hippodrome Casino, a must-see destination in London. It is the UK's most popular casino and undoubtedly the largest one there is. The games they offer are spread across five floors of entertainment, with six table games and over 100 of the best electronic games there are, they sure won't be lacking anytime soon. This 75,000ft square of happiness is home to eight bars, including Heliot Cocktail bar, and three casinos. With its state-of-the-art interior down to its multi-awarded steakhouse, the Hippodrome and its Heliot Cocktail Bar is a powerful contender among the best casinos and bars in the whole world.

Grand Lisboa Casino, Macau

The word ‘grand’ perfectly describes the Grand Lisboa Casino. It dominates the skies of Macau standing at 856ft. It will be impossible to get yourself bored with the 800 game tables and 1,000 slot machines they have in store. All of the eight bars and restaurants this haven offers are high-end with Michelin-starred food venues. This place is the whole package, a sight for all to behold, a place of entertainment, high-end bars and restaurants, and an experience you will never forget.

Online casinos offer convenience at home but it surely does not give the same feeling that land-based casinos give. Some casinos offer the best entertainment, others take pride in their beverages, others provide a wide selection of games, while a few boast about their architecture. Elegant ambiance, paired with a glass of your favorite drink with people to talk to, a land-based casino is a must to visit. Casinos have their own different strengths to feature and it's best if you see it for yourself.