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Top 7 Best Drinks To Order At A Casino

Top 7 Best Drinks To Order At A Casino

To create the most comfortable environment for players, many casino owners make great efforts for this purpose. For example, one such sign of attention is offering free drinks to guests. Players who spend their time at the machines, card table, or roulette can take advantage of such a sign of attention and drink their favorite drinks, removing their thirst.

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Many people mistakenly think that casinos only serve cocktails containing alcohol to lull the player's alertness. This is not a correct opinion, as every player has the opportunity to choose a drink that is on the bar menu.

Many casino bars also offer spirits and a variety of alcoholic cocktails to their visitors. Typically, the most popular drinks among players enjoy such drinks as whiskey or cognac, as well as often order a complex cocktail consisting of several ingredients. Shots with vodka and tequila are less common during a game, which should be drunk in spurts. These drinks are more popular in nightclubs.

Even though the choice to drink or not to drink alcohol remains completely individual, let's still consider the top 7 most popular beverages in casinos. Let's go!


The palm is given to the malt hop beverage because it is drunk by almost everyone who visits gambling establishments. The famous actor Brad Pitt, spending time at the blackjack table, always orders himself a glass of beer. His love of the drink is also backed by Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, who is also a frequent visitor to casinos. Owners of gambling establishments know about the players' love for beer, so they often offer it to customers for free.

The drink is served in pre-cooled glasses or bottles. Beer has been popular at all times, since its invention. In the Middle Ages, this drink was even preferable to ordinary water. The reason is that water used to be dirty and full of all kinds of bacteria and infections. And beer, with its small percentage of alcohol, was always purified when it was made, so it was safer than fresh water.

Vodka Martini

This cocktail is Bond's calling card and as this hero is inextricably linked to the world of gambling,there was no doubt about adding this drink to the top of the list. That's what 007 drinks in every movie. But in the books, there is often another variant - instead of vodka, it contains gin. But the martini remains the invariable ingredient. To broaden your "alcoholic horizons," it's worth trying both of these cocktails.

And don't forget - “Shaken, not stirred”


  • 75 ml of vodka (replace with gin if desired);
  • 15 ml of dry martinis;
  • 200-300 grams of ice cubes;
  • green olive.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is an example of a successful combination of simple ingredients - vodka and tomato. A low-alcohol drink with a rich red color that has long been a classic cocktail for casino lovers and features a complex, rich flavor that unfolds when drunk slowly.

The classic ingredients of the cocktail are as follows:

  • vodka (can be replaced by sake, sambuca) - 75 ml;
  • tomato juice - 150 ml;
  • lemon (or lime) juice - 15 ml;
  • black pepper and salt - a small pinch each;
  • Tabasco and Worcester sauces - 3 drops each;
  • a celery branch for decoration.

Old Fashioned

Another enjoyable cocktail that the "bookish" Bond loves. But the drink has never appeared in the movies. Agent 007 often drank Old-Fashioned before going to bed and mixed himself a double portion.


  • 80-100 ml of bourbon (substitute with whiskey if you want);
  • 2-3 drops of bitter Angostura;
  • 10 ml. soda;
  • sugar cane cube;
  • ice cubes to taste;
  • orange slice (replace with a cherry if desired).