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Top Commandments of Drinking Beer in College

Top Commandments of Drinking Beer in College

The college experience is life changing and some of that can be chalked up to memorable (or forgotten) parties that involve drinking copious amounts of beer. While you might deny any irresponsible drinking at college, beer drinking is so common you’ve got to stop asking about why and go for how. Appeal to experts from the best custom dissertation writing service while you are changing your decision about drinking such a fantastic beverage as a beer at college. Let’s go ahead and find out what you should and shouldn’t do when drinking beer at college.

Beer Culture

So, you’re a college student? You are now in a long line of beer drinkers. There are so many reasons why a college student would want to drink beer. Aside from fun, beer-drinking goes so deep in college you’d think college is about beer (and partying). That’s partly true. The reality is, students, drink beer not so much to get drunk per se. In fact, many students don’t drink at all but, under peer beer pressure, do so. So on one hand, drinking beer in college is part of fitting in. For many students drinking beer is done to be part of a new experience. Some of them want to learn ins and outs of an experience long waited, including how to drink beer. As beginners, students usually make the mistake of drinking beer in the morning. (In fact, heavy drinkers do so as well.) Or worse, students would go for a cheap amber beer, mistaking it for a heavy and good one. The experience of drinking beer at a party in college can be daunting. Choosing a wrong beer could draw frowns from peers. That’s why constantly experimenting with beer drinking is an all-college experience. So, always remember why you’re drinking – and for how long. But also don’t forget to do assignment to spent more time with friends and classmates.

Drink Only Cold Beer

The sight of cold beer is enticing enough. You would not want to drink warm beer. In fact, I wonder how could some still enjoy drinking a warm beer. Plus, drinking your beer cold helps keep the flavor intact and the beer carbonated. Also, you should stay away from beer sold in bottles displayed in sunlight. The ultraviolet rays are shown to change compounds making up your beer and, ultimately, flavor. Conversely, you should stay away from frozen beer. If frozen, the beer loses lovely foam giving you additional flavor to savor. So, if you’re busy all day in classes, make sure to keep a couple of beers in your fridge. If not, enjoy a drink at your college bar if your campus is wet. If not, go fetch a can of cold beer from a nearby bar. You deserve a cool treat after a long day in class. You can save time and pay for research paper, professionals will make your home assignment fast while you are relaxing.

Don’t Drink Too Early

This isn’t just a cultural thing. This is also for your own health and, well, grades. As I said, you don’t want to show up in class with swollen eyes and, worse, a spinning head. That beer is part of college experience should not mean that you make it your whole experience of college. After all, you drink beer to fit in so you can be successful in college. Plus, why would you want to drink beer too early – unless you’ve not slept all night already? Just drink responsibly and make beer enjoyable and part of your college experience.

How To Drink Beer

College is full of surprises. You should count beer-drinking as one of them. In fact, college students have been creative over the years in drinking beer. Now, I’m not going to give you a list. You can drink beer any way you want, but be sure to try shot-gunning, ice luge, beer bong, dizzy bat, keg stand and shower beer. The whole point is you make beer an enjoyable part of your college experience. That’s why, combining beer and play is a great idea. After all, you wouldn’t want to drink beer alone. That’s why beer drinking is and will always be a social activity.

Remember About Quality, Not Quantity

Choosing a beer it is like choosing a reliable essay writing service, you always need to be sure about the quality. You’ve seen guys showing off expertise in beer and beer making. Trust me, most, if not all, of that, is just college talk. In reality, getting to know which beer to have depends more on quality, not quantity. Remember (cheap) dark beer? You sure don’t want to waste your money. Still, you don’t want to drink beer which is, more or less, like water. So, if you’re not on a budget (which is rare, since you’re a college student) go for known brands. If you’re in a budget, though, don’t mistake dark for quality. Just have a little sip before you down all at once. Also, never share your beer with anyone, especially at parties. If you’re picky and responsible enough, go do some “field research” by trying some beers before you go all out drinking. In short, beer is, as college is, about the experience, not quantity.

Wrap Up

College and beer are now almost interchangeable for college students. Today, almost all college students drink beer (or liquor) in order to fit in college culture. To do so, some students might go to great extremes. Be careful. You can enjoy college and beer. Just be reasonable and responsible. There are as many ways and places you can drink beer. The bottom line is all about behaving in ways of making beer part of, not central to, your college experience. So, know why you’re drinking beer. Drink only cold beer. Don’t drink too early. And, of course, enjoy drinking beer in as many common (or not) ways you can. This is, after all, your own experience – and you choose how to enjoy your college years.