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Is "Vaping with Beer" The New "Smoking with Drinks?"

Is "Vaping with Beer" The New "Smoking with Drinks?"

People who quit smoking often complain that drinking does not feel the same anymore. Does smoking have an impact on the drinking experience? 

Smokers reach out to their pockets while drinking out of habit. Memories in their subconscious clash with this all-new experience when they vape while gulping beer. These smokers, who quit and switch to vaping, do not feel the same vis-a-vis their earlier episodes. Is that the reason for such an experience? 

If you are a serial smoker or are planning to quit, amazement awaits you. It can surprise you, but your drinks can taste better in the absence of tar and smoke. If you can move out of your habits, you can explore a lot more than you know.

The Chance

When you vape, you have a chance to get a taste of the drink that you are having. People have also developed their favorite pairs. There are plenty of options to pair your preferred choice of drink with flavored e-liquids. 

Whether you are a whiskey connoisseur or a beer fan, chances are you are yet to try a vape and a drink combination. If this is true for you, then you are missing out big time. These pairings often help add fun to vaping. 

If you are sober, you can pair these with mixed fruit juices and have a great fun time too.

The Pairing

Getting a sense that you have to be a bartending aficionado? It is more simple than you may think. The pairing of the drinks and vaping will need a few key things to be in place. These can include:

  • Your vaping device
  • Some e-liquid or vape juice options (you can choose from an array of choices)
  • A beverage (can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, based on your preference)
  • A Glass

It is worth mentioning here that if you are planning to quit smoking and start vaping, there are plenty of options in the market. You can choose from a variety of vaping devices as well as e-liquids. You can check out online operators like Rainbow Vapes.

Such e-tailers can help you with not only the ideal device for vaping but flavor concentrators, base liquid, and accessories too. 

Vape and drink pairings are similar to food and wine pairings. That is to say, you are looking for complimenting flavors that go well with each other to enjoy them. You can also opt for contrasting flavors to spice up your palate. Some of the popular flavors can include:

  • Fruit Liquids and Wheat Beer
  • Fruit Custard Juices and Full-bodied Red Wine
  • Sour Fruit Liquids and Hoppy Brews
  • Dessert Flavors and White Wine
  • Cheery E-liquids and Cherry Wine
  • Dessert Flavors and Light Beer

The Beer Phenomena

Who does not like beer? Well, beer can be the perfect partner in crime for any occasion. It is the most popular drink across the world. You can create various combinations of vaping with beer and increase the fun exponentially.

You can do wonders with an iced cucumber flavor and a local lager beer. The classic refreshing taste of this beer is what keeps people glued to this one. The combination can be great for a sporting event in the sun like cricket. The lighter notes of the cucumber gel perfectly with the refreshing lager. The subtle hint of the mint eases your palate and helps to sip your next drink.

Another drink perfect for a sporting or an outdoor event is the Dutch classic - The Pilsner. You can try pairing it with Apple Pie flavors. The hoppy and malty notes of this drink compliments the pastry element of the apple pie. Does the combination seem too weird? Try it, and you will feel the synergy of the two very distinct constituents.

People are fond of another drink which is Wheat beer. These have a distinct wheaty taste. The beer tastes particularly bitter than hoppy. You can complement this with something on a sweeter note like banana or custard e-liquids. If you can hit the right spot, this perfect pairing is unputdownable. 

So vaping pairing can be great with the right choice of drinks and can help your friends and you have a wonderful time. The process can help you to introduce a new layer to the already known things around you.

A word of caution, once you start enjoying the pairing, you are less likely to go back!

Photo Courtesy Flickr/Kate Wolk