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Ways to Travel in the UAE with a Low Budget

Ways to Travel in the UAE with a Low Budget

Travel usually seems like something you need to save up for all year long, and sometimes longer. However, it turns out that this is not necessary. If you know how to look and aren't afraid to travel outside of the holiday season, you can successfully use several ways to travel inexpensively without straining your budget.

Choosing a holiday season

The most comfortable months to vacation in the Arab Emirates are October/November and March/April. At this time the most comfortable weather for a holiday on the beach. Only the prices of hotels and tours rise to a maximum.

If you want to save money, come to Dubai in winter: the air temperature is comfortable at +24°C, but the water is cool - only +20°C. Winter is ideal for sightseeing and shopping, and you can also swim in the pool.


Cabs are not the most economical and not always the quickest way to get to your destination. For moving around the city it is better to choose public transport.

In Dubai, it is convenient to travel by subway. The emirate is divided into seven transport zones, and four of them have stations. Fare from one zone to another is more expensive than within one zone. The price of the ticket also depends on the type of carriage: "silver" is suitable for all, in the women's can travel only women and children under 12 years, and in the "gold" - those who have paid the privilege. Traveling in the wrong carriage can lead to a fine, so be careful with the signs.

Do not forget about the strict restrictions. For example, the front rows are only for women and children. And food, water and even chewing gum are forbidden on both buses and the subway. In order not to get caught on the strict fines, read the rules of passage in any public transport in advance

If you do not have time or desire to understand public transport rules, a great option is to rent an economy car. A rental car is convenient if you are going to see not only Dubai but other emirates as well. Pros of the rental car:

  • Saving money on cabs;
  • No need to understand the complicated system of public transport;
  • Fast and comfortable movement around the city;
  • Getting more pleasure from the rest!


Having read about trendy and ultra-expensive hotels in Dubai, some travelers pass up before going to the emirate, worrying about too high accommodation prices. Yes, indeed, Dubai is famous at times for excessive pomp and luxury.

But there is always a compromise, the main thing is not to get discouraged and carefully study all proposals. It is often cheaper and more comfortable to travel and stay in a rented apartment or even a house. A great option would be to look for rooms in three-star hotels, but with a lot of good reviews and a nice price.

Also, you can look for more budget options in Sharjah if you're willing to spend a day commuting between the two cities, thankfully the distances are not so critical.


The experience is entirely free!

See all 163 floors of the Burj Khalifa and appreciate the dancing fountain by the Dubai Mall without the slightest harm to the wallet. And it is easy to add emotions to your tourist experience not only in Dubai due to road trips. For example, in Abu Dhabi, it is worth signing up for a free excursion to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque - one of the main attractions of the UAE. More budget tourists in the capital can look at the "Heritage Village" - An ethnographic open-air museum.

Also in Sharjah, which is sometimes called the cultural center of the UAE, there is something to see for free. For example, the light and laser show of fountains on the waterfront Majaz, Al Nour Mosque, and the Blue Market, the building which looks like a steam engine.

So it's not expensive to relax in the Emirates and get a lot of positive experiences!