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Is Weed Delivery Legal in Oshawa, Canada?

Is Weed Delivery Legal in Oshawa, Canada?

Oshawa is among the 337 municipalities hosting private cannabis dispensaries within their jurisdiction. However, despite opting in, Oshawa has no decision-making role in regulating cannabis dispensaries. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) makes all regulatory decisions, including private weed delivery services operations.

Private weed delivery services only became operational post-pandemic. However, in February 2021, the AGCO announced that only retailers serving Lockdown or Red-control areas should continue offering delivery services.

Oshawa is under the larger Durham municipality, currently mapped as a Red-control zone. So, weed delivery is legal, and you can have weed delivered to your doorstep in Oshawa easily.

Here’s how to get weed in Oshawa:

1.   Identify Weed Delivery Services in Oshawa

Many weed delivery companies operate in Oshawa. However, not all of them are great, that’s why it's advisable to use the services of established companies like Black Rabbit.

Before choosing a delivery service provider first, evaluate the weed delivery service by assessing their website. Consider those with easy-to-navigate websites, clear product categories and a well-optimized search function. Efficient website functions help you find the product you need effortlessly.

Also, take five preferences to online weed dispensaries with a diverse product selection as it makes it convenient for you to find all your favorite products at the same place.

Finally, evaluate the service guarantees that the delivery service offers, including reliability, timeliness, privacy, and security.  You can find out this by browsing through customer reviews, ratings, social media pages and independent review websites to establish the best-rated weed delivery services to Oshawa.

2.   Establish Shipping Schedules and Other Delivery Details

Although weed delivery is legal in Oshawa, COVID-19 restrictions limit the weed delivery services’ operation hours. As a result, most delivery services serving Oshawa operate under a strict schedule to optimize their efficiency.

Therefore, note the company’s delivery window and make your order at the appropriate time to receive your order faster. This will allow you to schedule receiving the package into your day because marijuana delivery packages should not be left unattended.

You can also consider delivery services that offer tracking information on your order as it gives you extra security knowing the progress of the delivery.

3.   Look For a Decent Product Selection

Top-rated weed delivery services offer an extensive selection of mastercraft marijuana, including craft, premium, and best buds. They also have an array of smoking substitutes, including edibles, concentrates, and weed vapes in their inventory.

The diverse product and brand selection allow them to serve a diverse cannabis market. Wide product variety also keeps customers coming back, allowing the weed delivery services to nurture brand loyalty.

As a shopper, you can benefit from bulk purchase discounts when you shop all your marijuana products from the same place. Therefore, consider product variety when choosing a weed delivery service in Oshawa.

4.   Evaluate Product Quality and Product Handling Protocols

Reputable weed stores in Oshawa offer high-quality products that deliver excellent results. They achieve this by facilitating extensive product testing to ensure that all the products are fresh, herbicide-free, chemical-free, and mold-free. Furthermore, they avail pertinent product quality information, including third-party lab tests and marijuana farmer credentials, to their customers.

Established sellers also have inventory protocols that facilitate clearing underperforming products to ensure nothing stays on the shelves for too long. This is important because weed loses potency with time or poor handling. With good product-handling practices in place, they minimize contact with the product to avoid compromising quality.

Although weed delivery services often give product quality guarantees, verify these guarantees by going through customer reviews before purchasing any product.

5.   Compare Prices and Deals

Cannabis retailers in Ontario, including Oshawa, set their retail prices individually, so the prices vary from retailer to retailer. Therefore, always compare prices among various weed delivery services and settle on the best bargain.

Many weed delivery services often offer deals, like discounts and complimentary gifts to enrich their customers’ purchase journey. The deals range from a 20% discount on your first order, free shipping for purchases above a specified amount, and complimentary joints with each order. Some also offer loyalty programs where you earn redeemable coins.

Generally, some deals hold more value than others; therefore, as you compare prices, also compare deals and get the best value.

6.   Make Your Order

Once you settle on the weed delivery service with the best value, you can now make your order. Proceed by putting all the products you want into your cart and proceed to checkout.

Most checkouts are straightforward, but if you experience any issues, call customer service. You can also inquire about various products from weed delivery services’ customer service teams.

Top-rated weed delivery services in Oshawa deliver premium-quality marijuana discreetly within 90 minutes after processing your order.


Weed delivery is legal in Oshawa; you can buy weed remotely and have it delivered to your doorstep. This guide helps to clear out some of the doubts you might have had and make your buying journey easier. You can go ahead and try ordering weed using the best weed delivery services in Oshawa for premium weed that meets your expectations.