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What Are the Best Apps for Discovering New Beers?

What Are the Best Apps for Discovering New Beers?

Narrowing down your favorite beer can be tough at times, largely because there are just so many tasty tipples to choose from. In order to discover the latest and greatest beers from all over the world, people are turning to their smartphone devices and the apps available for download to unearth a gem or two.

Some apps champion new beers, perhaps like Danny Trejo’s latest release, while others offer an extensive selection of beers going back decades. Essentially, apps can help broaden your drinking horizons and enable you to discover a beauty from a foreign land or even a hidden local brewery. The apps on offer are generally easy to use and offer beer lovers a chance to drink the very best products wherever they are.

Most apps are available on both iOS and android and can be downloaded within seconds and fired up with ease. The fact these types of products can be sampled on a smartphone device makes them even more accessible too. For example, users can order their favorite beer at the touch of a button using a smartphone ahead of playing casino games like blackjack premium or sending a tweet on Twitter. Likewise, some apps might help you find the best deals also. Essentially, the offering in this space is extensive.

With people turning to an array of apps to discover new beer in 2021, here is a look at some of the best options for your smartphone device. All of the apps featured are available on android and iOS unless stated otherwise.


One of the most versatile and easy to use apps around at the moment, Untappd serves up a refreshing selection of beers, some of which you might not have come across before. A superb app if you’re keen to discover new and tasty beers to try, the app helps locate breweries - nationwide and locally - and venues you can attend with a friend to sample their products. The more breweries you explore and the beers you sample, the more badges you earn. You can follow other people on the app too.


The Tavour app enables you to get beer delivered directly to your doorstep. Using the app, you can fill up a box of beer from over 650 breweries, then have it shipped straight out to you. The beer on offer is of the highest quality, the app is easy to navigate and order from, and the service works extremely well. A hugely popular choice at the moment, Tavour is a solid option.




Specializing in craft beer, the Drizly app offers a range of tasty offerings in 12-packs, sixers, or by the bottle. What’s even more impressive is that the app promises to have your favorite drinks with you in 20-40 minutes, depending on where you’re based in the U.S. Alternatively, you can schedule a delivery for a later date if you’re in no rush.


Only available on Android, the Brewee app is a fantastic brewery location service that not only informs you of the best breweries near to you but offers a comprehensive selection of interesting information on them too. A favorite with craft beer fans in particular, Brewee is a global app but boasts the largest database for the U.S. right now.


Ever seen a mouthwatering beer and needed to know where you can get it nearby to your location? If so, then the BeerMenus has got you covered. Using BeerMenus, users can explore the tap lists at local bars and the stock lists at local stores.