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Why Are Many Colleges Getting Officially Licensed Beers?

Why Are Many Colleges Getting Officially Licensed Beers?

Has your college registered for an officially licensed beer yet? If not, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon!

That’s right; colleges are now producing their own beer and licensing it under their trademarked name. This news may come as a surprise to many people, considering the strict rules that accompany college beer culture, but it has been going on for some time now.

How Does A College Get an Officially Licensed Beer?

The beer licensing process is easier than it may seem. This is because the beers are not manufactured on campus, but by larger alcohol-producing corporations. These corporations team up with colleges to produce beer that is manufactured by them but distributed under the university’s name.

This pitch not only helps beer companies boost profits by appealing to college students but has also helped many universities fund new projects on campus.

How Many Colleges Have Officially Licensed Beers?

In the past, we’ve seen students get suspended for carrying beer to class or showing up to an official college meeting drunk. However, many colleges have now abandoned their old, anti-alcohol ways and done the unimaginable by releasing their own branded drinks.

There are over half a dozen colleges that now have their own licensed beer. Below is a list of some of those colleges and their accompanying drinks:

·        New Mexico State: Pistol Pete’s 1888 Ale

·        Louisiana State University: Bayou Bengal

·        Colorado State: Old Aggie

·        Louisiana Lafayette: Ragin’ Cajuns Lager

·        Tulane University: Green Wave

·        University of Montana: Griz Montana Lager

How Does Beer Revenue Help Universities?

1.   Finances

There are many ways in which selling a beverage licensed under a university can help the institution. One of the most obvious benefits is the impressive profits universities can bring in from beer sales.

A prime example of this practice can be seen with Old Tuffy, North Carolina State University’s official beer. This product is the resulting partnership between New Belgium Brewing Company and the university. It is sold across North Carolina with 1400 registered retailers and brings in an impressive profit; these newly generated funds have helped the institution pay for research grants and other college needs. Ultimately, every cent generated is put back into the college and used to help improve life on campus.

2.   Research

This argument connects with the first one; the beer side-hustle for universities generates extra funds, and these funds are often used to encourage more research on campus. These research programs are known to put out essays that document their trials and findings. However, essays are not limited only to larger research projects but are, in fact, a part of everyday college life.

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3.   Promotion and Advertisement

One of the largest benefits of the college beer business is that it allows universities an opportunity for unpaid advertisement. Interestingly, in this case, it is the university that gets paid by the advertiser and not the other way around.

Each beer produced by a university bears its name, logo or a related symbol. These beers are then sold across the state or even the country; you can find them everywhere, from your local store to larger grocery chains. Every day, thousands of people see the logo and are instantly reminded of the institution. This includes students who will soon be applying for college, and their parents, too, hence serving as free advertisement. 


Any university with an alcoholic beverage named after is often dubbed the “University of Beer” by locals because of their production of college beers. They also happen to be behind some of the best college beer options for students and have beaten many old beer brands with their impressive sales. Top alcohol brands for college students include the aforementioned Old Tuffy and Pistol Pete’s 1888 Ale, along with Purdue University’s Boiler Black beer, which are enjoyed by beer-lovers across the country. It looks like there really is plenty of hope for the college beer business, after all!