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Why Casinos Offer Free Drinks: Extra Income or Necessity?

Why Casinos Offer Free Drinks: Extra Income or Necessity?

Casinos are businesses, after all. They have a job to do, which is to make money. Most people think that casinos make money from the games they offer or even by charging people to get inside and play their games. In fact, casinos are interested in making as much money as possible from their customers—not just when they're gambling but also when they're not at the casino. One way that casinos do this is by offering free drinks. But why would a company give away something for free?

So what do casinos do?

Casinos want you to stay. Staying longer means they make more money, both from playing the slots you can meet and try at ruby fortune casino and from selling drinks and food. This is where free drinks come in: they are a huge incentive for players to stay longer than they originally intended, which is good news for the casino because it means more money in their pockets.

Casinos want you to have fun while you're there, so much so that some go so far as to provide artists (like Cirque du Soleil) or even put on music concerts in the establishment itself! All of these extra activities are obviously designed for fun, but they also keep people engaged and help ensure they stay longer than they would otherwise if it wasn't for these experiences offered by the establishment itself.

Free drinks can be a way to keep customers in place and enjoy casino games.

When it comes to casinos, the old adage “the more you spend, the more you lose” is not always true. In fact, giving away free drinks can be a smart move for casinos to encourage players to stay longer and play more often—and also spend on other casino games.

The average cost of a drink at a Las Vegas casino is $10-$15 per person and includes an alcoholic beverage as well as non-alcoholic ones for those who don’t drink alcohol. If you combine all those drinks with other costs such as food and gambling losses (which add up quickly!), that adds up to over $250 per day spent just on beverages alone! That's why many casinos offer complimentary drinks in hopes of keeping customers within their establishments longer by reducing inhibitions due to alcohol consumption while they're playing table games or slot machines.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and reduces the likelihood of players leaving the game for a few minutes.

Casinos want their players to stay, gamble, and spend more money on alcohol.

While this may seem like a win-win situation for both parties (casinos make money from increased revenue and drinkers get free drinks), most people who frequent casinos know that this arrangement isn't always so beneficial. As anyone who has had too much alcohol knows, it has a way of making you do things that you would never normally do—like gamble foolishly or spend money you don't have. This can result in serious losses at the casino or even worse—borrowing money from loan sharks with high-interest rates!

Casinos don't make all of their revenue from the players themselves.

While you might think that casinos would be completely focused on getting as much money from you, there are other sources of income for casinos to consider. Casinos make money from:

  • Drinks - These can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks sold at bars or in machines throughout the casino.
  • Games - Slot machines, poker games, and table games like Texas Hold'em can all be found in a casino's game room. You usually use "chips" (fake money) when playing these games instead of cash with which to buy drinks or food at the bar.
  • Food - From fast food like McDonald's to upscale steakhouses like Ruth’s Chris Steak House®, a wide variety of restaurants can be found inside most casinos’ walls.
  • Entertainment - Some establishments host comedians who perform stand-up routines while others feature live bands or DJs spinning tunes late into the night.


So what's the deal with offering free drinks at casinos? Well, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved. Casinos get more income and customers have something to drink while they're gambling. It may seem like a negative thing at first glance but if you think about it, there are many positives associated with giving out free drinks in casinos.