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Will CBD Mixed Beer Be a Game-Changer in the Future?

Will CBD Mixed Beer Be a Game-Changer in the Future?

A few years ago, we came to know about the concept of CDB mixed beers, but the government did not allow the product in the U.S. Federal agencies like the ATF and DEA tried every possible way to slow down the predictable growth of this market.

Unfortunately, things are still the same now. Potential makers of CBD-infused beer still have to face many hurdles in front of them. Many states still restrict the use of CBD and its products in any beverage or food. FDA has stated it as an illegal practice which has discouraged many brands from making CBD mixed beer.

However, CBD oil extracts are getting globally accepted as effective remedies to treat anxiety, stress, epilepsy, and sleeplessness. With many positives on its side, CBD mixed beer looks like a promising venture in the times to come. The sector will not only benefit the Beer makers but also has a  positive prospect for CBD oil supplier companies.

Exploring Main Features of CBD Mixed Beer

What Effect Does CBD Mixed Beer Have?

CBD is the most promising non-intoxicant cannabinoid in most varieties of cannabis and hemp. It gives you a unique sensation as compared to consuming a regular beer. CBD mixed beer is a drink that relaxes you without getting you drunk or high. Reviews from actual users state that it helps them relax and even improves their mood after a few drinks.

There is research evidence that proves that cannabidiol is effective in calming down. According to a study published in 2019, CBD can effectively treat anxiety and insomnia. The volunteers for the study were asked to consume 25mg to 75mg of CBD daily for one month. The volunteers experienced an improvement in sleep quality and a reduction in anxiety levels.

CBD is also helpful in preventing the adverse effects of alcohol. It includes a reduction in hangover and avoiding any damage to cells and disease.

What’s the Quantity of Alcohol in CBD Mixed Beer?

Alcohol and CBD can be a strong and sedative combination beyond your imaginations. Both the ingredients are effective in lowering your inhibitions and providing relaxation. CBD alone can give you a cozy and warm feeling, but combining it with alcohol can produce strong sedative results.

However, most of the CBD beers have a considerably low level of alcohol. Typically, it is roughly around 0.5% ABV in CBD beers which is usually the same as THC mixed beers. Makers are well aware of this combination and hence avoid adding more alcohol with CBD.

But the overseas market has a completely different story. The international beer brewers have no restrictions when mixing the two ingredients. Their beverages have the same amount of alcohol as regular beer, around 5% in 12 ounces of beer.

How Are CBD Mixed Beers Made?

The making of CBD beer is quite similar when compared to other non-alcoholic substitutes. It starts by creating a flavor with a non-alcoholic base. The flavor is good for those who like beer but have hesitations about consuming alcohol.

Once the brewer has removed the alcohol, he adds a cannabis nano mix to the beverage. This procedure confirms that CBD is properly mixed with the beer. The practice also enhances the absorption rate and gives a faster acceptance time. For this reason, we see it benefiting the users from a highly soluble rate over other competing CBD products.

The process is the same for brewers making the CBD beers with alcohol, with the one they usually follow. It’s just that they use nano mix to add the CBD, but the process of brewing is the same. It ensures that the CBD beers have a similar taste as their non-CBD substitutes.

CBD Beer has Shown Great Potential Internationally

We can only sympathize with the prospective CBD beer makers of the USA. They are simply missing the benefits of CBD beer which is the next big thing.  The industry expects to reach $3 billion annually in the coming few years.

The beverage has already gained a lot of popularity in many countries abroad. The OH CBD Beer is the first CBD Beer to be launched in Asia in January 2020 by a Hong Kong brewing company. Surprisingly the first lot of 2,000 beer bottles was sold in just ten days. The beer has 3.5% ABV and costs around $14 per bottle. That’s a good amount of money to buy a drink to have a good time.

Another brewer from Hong Kong, named Young Master, launched its CBD beer in the same year in August. It has already reached a sales figure of 10,000 cans monthly.

The United Kingdom cannot be left behind this race. Popular brands like Hope & Hemp Brewing Co. and Green Times Brewing are performing very well. The former has 4.1% ABV and 10mg of CBD per beer can. It is exciting to see these brewers are doing a great job with the alcohol and CBD combination while the American brewers are still waiting for permissions.

CBD Beer – Waiting for an End to Restrictions in the U.S.

Currently, there are no signs of CBD beer in the US. We can still see confusion for cannabinoid usage between the state and federal governments. It is resulting in discouragement among the US brewers to move ahead and take a risk. The companies that have tried making CBD beers before have been shut down for violating regulations.

However, outside the US, it’s a different story. Brewers in the UK and Hong Kong are making CBD-infused beer without any restrictions. Although their CBD beer products are costlier, yet they are witnessing increasing demand every day. Once the restrictions are removed in the US, many brewers are eager to try their skills in making CDB beer and enjoy the growing markets.

As already discussed, we should keep in mind that the combination of alcohol and CBD has a very high level of sedation. But till date, we have not heard anything negative that involves CBD beer and alcohol ingredients.