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Timmermans Brewery

Timmermans Brewery

Kerkstraat 11-1701 Itterbeek
+32 (0)2 569 03 57

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Timmermans Beer

Timmermans has kept the tradition of the true lambic alive for over 300 years now. This unique beer, made with 30% wheat, is brewed in Itterbeek, in the oldest active lambic brewery. At its origin is a miracle: micro-organisms in the air of the Senne valley end up in the wort and cause spontaneous fermentation. This is why a true lambic is brewed only within a 15 km radius of Brussels, in the area known as Pajottenland. Since 1993, Martin’s Finest Beer Selection has been proud to preserve this authentic part of Belgium’s beer heritage.



Timmermans has brewed lambic in Itterbeek for the last 300 years, ever since 1702. A few miles from the centre of Brussels, it was then known as “The Mole Brewery”. Owned by Jan Vandermeulen, it was also a farm, an orchard, a café and a malt-house.

Elected ”World’s Best Sour Beer“ at the prestigious World Beer Awards 2015, Timmermans Oude Gueuze can take pride in this recognition of the quality of its lambics.


Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 2pm or book by email at [email protected]
10€/pp., 2 tastings of 15cl included
Group visits: minimum 25 people

From more than 300 years, Timmermans brewery has been perpetuating the tradition of true Lambic.

This unique beer is brewed in Itterbeek from 30% of local wheat, in the oldest Lambic brewery who is still in operation.

Originally, a miracle: the microorganisms in the air of Pajjotenland penetrate the must and cause spontaneous fermentation. A unique experience to immerse yourself in the world of Lambics and Oude Geuze.

Your journey begins with the brewhouse with its historic mashing tank and ‘madammen’, its grain crushing mill, the largest original cooling tank in the region and a Lambic brewing museum.

The tour ends with a tasting of our products and the possibly to supply.