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Artisanal Imports

Artisanal Imports
1305 West Oltorf St, Suite 300
PO Box 41029
Austin, TX 78704
United States

About Artisanal Imports

Artisanal Imports, Inc. was formed by Lanny Hoff and Bob Leggett in 2001. With a background in specialty beer importing, Hoff's role was to develop a network of distributors in the Eastern half of the United States to augment a network that Leggett, heading up a sister company called Manneken-Brussel, had cultivated in the West.

In 2004 Leggett, having sold his interest in Manneken-Brussel, joined Hoff full time and expanded the sales and marketing territory for Artisanal Imports to include the entire US. At that time the office in Austin, Texas was assembled with full-time staff to support sales efforts and a Western US sales office was opened by Sean Knoll in Colorado, with the aim of providing the same type of sales support for Western distributors that Hoff had been offering to the Eastern market.

Since 2004, Artisanal Imports has grown, adding full time administrative staff as well as sales and marketing personnel. Brokers in key markets as well as dedicated employees have joined the effort to provide top-quality support and to ensure share-of-mind with our distribution partners.