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Ayinger Bavarian Dark Lager Now Available in Four-Packs

Ayinger Bavarian Dark Lager Now Available in Four-Packs

Ayinger Brewery has announced that its Ayinger Bavarian Dark Lager is now available in 4-packs for the first time. Full details are below.

We're here to bring a little extra delight to beer drinkers, and now we also want to make it easier for our partners selling it: a real favorite, Ayinger Bavarian Dark Lager (in German, Altbairisch Dunkel), is now sold in four-packs of 330 mL bottles.

After pointing out to our friends at Ayinger that we Americans sometimes fear difficult-to-pronounce German names, we can say:
1. The beer - subtle but amazing, with clean malt flavors and a suggestion of dark country bread, a beer that the most advanced beer seeker will love as much as a light lager drinker - has not changed. The four-pack is a new package.
2. It's OK to officially call it Bavarian Dark Lager, as on the bottle neck label & new 4-pack.

Thanks in advance, distributors and retailers. Hopefully now it's easy to introduce this traditional, historical, inviting beer to more folks: Ayinger Bavarian Dark Lager.

Now in 4-packs of 330 mL bottles (11.2 oz. - six 4-packs per case); half-liter bottles (16.9 oz. - 20 per case); and 50 liter (13.2 gal) kegs.  ABV:  5.0%   IBU:  21   OG: 1.051.

Ayinger Brewery, established in 1878 and still owned and operated by the founding family, has an unmatched portfolio of traditional, authentic beers that is respected at home in Bavaria, and throughout the world. Their warm hospitality that originates in the foothills of the Alps and the great pride of everyone at Ayinger shows up in every drop of their beers.   

Merchant du Vin imports Samuel Smith's from England; Traquair House from Scotland; Ayinger and the organic beers of Pinkus from Germany. Our offerings from Belgium include Lindemans lambics, Green's gluten-free beers, Du Bocq and the Trappist beers of Orval, Rochefort,  Westmalle; and from the Netherlands, Zundert.

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