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Ballast Point Executive Team Steps Down

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In the past week, the majority of Ballast Point's executive team, including Yusuff Cherney, who was co-founder, COO and head brewer, Jim Buechler (President and CEO), and Julie Buechler (General Counsel) have stepped down to be replaced by Constellation Brands executives. Constellation president Marty Birkel will assume Jim Buechler's positions.

Editor's Note: Since the publication of this article, Ballast Point Founder Jack White and COO Earl Kight have also departed.

While the news may not be shocking to many, it marks another step away from the original ownership of a long-beloved craft brewer and another foot closer to the new "big-craft" paradigm of successful independent brewers stepping into larger ponds with bigger fish.

Yusuff Cherney, who helped found the company almost a quarter-century ago, made the following statement:

“Starting as a Clerk at Home Brew Mart 24 years ago I never imagined where this voyage would take me. From gold medals to travels around the world my life has been one that I could have only dreamt for in my younger years. This voyage seems brief in retrospect but an eternity to others just beginning. The ship would never have sailed its course without assembling a world class team that furthered the vision that is Ballast Point. I have never seen a more dedicated, enthusiastic and genuinely happy group of people who live for the craft beer industry. This team brought Ballst Point to where it is and will continue to sail onwards with a very capable captain at the helm. As it goes I must raise the davit and deploy the dingy to begin my voyage on a new course. As I sail away I have due course and hope to embark on my new adventure with a short journey…and yes I hope to catch a few fish before the real work begins. Since I can’t reach out to everyone that has been part of my life personally I just want to let you all know that my passion was fueled by your belief in what we do and without the dedication and love that all of you have showed it could have never been possible. Always dedicated to the craft. Much love.”

Ballast Point has been a West Coast pioneer for decades, and has helped usher in the era of $15 six-packs worth buying, along with the fruited varietal trends and the expansion into spirits. We'll keep you posted on what the company's future holds.