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The Beer Connoisseur® Magazine & Online Welcomes Blake's Hard Cider Co. as the Publication's Newest Cidery Trade Member

Publication's audience to discover this Michigan company's boundary-pushing ciders through news coverage and judging panel's single-blind critical product reviews.
The Beer Connoisseur® Magazine & Online Welcomes Blake's Hard Cider Co. as the Publication's Newest Cidery Trade Member

The Beer Connoisseur® magazine & online is excited to welcome Blake's Hard Cider Co. of Armada, Michigan as the publication's newest Cidery Trade Member. With over 70 years of experience, Blake's has perfected a five-apple blend that delivers a tremendous depth of flavors and aromas.

Blake's Hard Cider, a brand synonymous with generations of tradition and a commitment to quality, traces its roots back to 1946 when Gerald and Lovey Blake embarked on a farming adventure, relocating their large family to a hundred-acre plot in Armada, MI. With hard work and dedication, they cultivated a legacy that continues to thrive.

In subsequent years, twin brothers Pete and Paul Blake, alumni of Michigan State University, returned to the family farm with a vision to expand and diversify the agricultural experiences for visitors. Their dedication laid the foundation for what would become Blake's Hard Cider.

In 2013, Andrew Blake, son of Paul, brought his passion for hard cider back to Armada, building on the family's rich farming heritage. With the support and blessing of his family, he founded Blake's Hard Cider, setting the stage for a new era of crafting exceptional hard cider.

At Blake's Hard Cider, the commitment to quality begins with the apples. The Blake family has been perfecting the art of apple growing for over 75 years. By meticulously growing, pressing, and fermenting their own apples on the farm, they deliver a truly authentic and uncompromised craft hard cider experience to consumers.

Their hard ciders are the result of a 5-apple blend, perfected over decades, creating a cider base that reflects the expertise and heritage of their orchard. With nearly half the sugar content of leading national cider brands, Blake's Hard Cider offers a fresh taste of their orchard, free from concentrates and additives, showcasing their dedication to quality and authenticity.

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Discover Blake's Hard Cider Co. and its products.

Blake's Hard Cider Co.
17985 Armada Center Rd
Armada, MI 48005