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Blake’s Beverage Company Enters 2024 As America’s Second Largest Cider Company

Discover the rise of Blake’s Beverage Company as the nation’s second largest cider company in 2024. Explore their innovative lineup of fruit-forward beverages and strategic growth plans for the year ahead.
Blake’s Beverage Company Enters 2024 As America’s Second Largest Cider Company

In a remarkable stride towards nationwide recognition, Blake’s Beverage Company has solidified its status as the nation’s second largest cider company as it steps into the new year. Born from the amalgamation of three renowned cider brands - Blake’s Hard Cider, Austin Eastciders, and AVID Cider Co. - the company's unified vision aims to reignite the nation's love affair with cider and fruit-centric beverages.

Having celebrated a decade of excellence in 2023, each brand within the Blake’s Beverage Company family has not only cemented its reputation but has also secured its place as a frontrunner in Michigan and Texas’ cider markets. Blake’s Hard Cider, the pride of Michigan, saw a remarkable 10% surge in sales volume last year, marking its presence among the top 10 cideries nationwide. Notably, flagship offerings like Triple Jam experienced a phenomenal 24% sales growth, bolstered by strategic brand extensions like Jam Session. Looking ahead, Blake’s is set to unveil an imperial cider under the Triple Jam umbrella in 2024, promising further innovation and expansion.

Meanwhile, Texas-based Austin Eastciders, which recently joined forces with Blake’s Beverage Company, clinched the title of Texas’ leading cidery in 2023. With a lineup dominating the Lone Star State's market, Austin Eastciders' growth trajectory has been propelled by inventive product offerings like Imperial Tropical Punch, capturing the essence of Texan culture in every sip.

On the West Coast, AVID Cider Co., representing Blake’s Beverage Company in the heart of apple country, completed a significant expansion in 2023 with a new production facility in Redmond, Ore. Bolstered by a history of experimentation, AVID continues to push boundaries with its lineup of imperial ciders, poised to introduce a range of non-cider fruit-forward beverages in 2024.

“We are excited to continue to grow the cider category with our three unique legacy brands that are all helping to move the cider category forward,” said Andrew Blake, CEO Blake’s Beverage Company. “Together we have a unique opportunity to tell the story of cider and showcase our fruit-forward, category-expanding innovation. We look forward to taking America’s apples to new and exciting heights in 2024.”

With a strategic presence in key apple-growing regions across the nation, Blake’s Beverage Company is primed for continued expansion and success in 2024. The collaborative spirit driving the company underscores its dedication to crafting bold, fruit-forward beverages using only the freshest ingredients, setting the stage for a promising year ahead.