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Bonfire Brewing Unveils Good Boy Peanut Butter Porter

Bonfire Brewing Unveils Good Boy Peanut Butter Porter

Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, Colorado has announced the release of a peanut butter porter called Good Boy. Full details on this beer are below.

EAGLE, Colo. — Introducing Bonfire Brewing’s new canned a new beer from the Community Creator Series, Good Boy Peanut Butter Porter. This beer became available locally in canned 12 oz. 6-packs in December, followed by state-wide shipments in early January. Following strong positive feedback from its tap room customers, Bonfire plans to produce and package the beer through March 2020.

The base recipe of this new beer was inspired by their popular Tent Pole Vanilla Porter— Bonfire’s brewers upped the chocolate malt and added peanut butter flavoring resulting in a rich and tasty cold-weather treat. The name, “Good Boy,” is a nod to Bonfire’s association with all things dogs, and the common use of peanut butter as a puppy training reward.

Earlier this year, Bonfire launched the Community Creator Series of limited release beers with Après-Cot, followed by Pink-I Raspberry IPA, and GrapepHruit Kettle Sour IPA.

A nitro version of Good Boy will be available at Bonfire in weeks to come.

About Bonfire Brewing

Craft enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers gather around Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, Colorado, where the beers are driven by quality, curiosity, and community. Founded in 2010, Bonfire continues on their path of sustainable growth with cans of their year-round beers available in liquor stores and restaurants across Colorado. Gather ‘round Bonfire online at bonfirebrewing.com.

For More Information: radcraftbeer.com/news/bonfiregoodboy