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Chihuahua Cerveza Adds Distribution to Seven More States

Chihuahua Cerveza Adds Distribution to Seven More States

Chihuahua Cerveza in Costa Mesa, California has announced that it has added seven new states to its distribution footprint including Colorado, Kansas and South Carolina by the end of Q1 2021. Full details are below.

Costa Mesa, California — Chihuahua Cerveza is excited to announce distribution in Oklahoma and Kansas, plans to distribute in Arkansas and New Mexico in January 2021, and distribution in Colorado, Alabama, and South Carolina by the end of Q1 2021. Chihuahua Cerveza continues as one of the fastest growing original Mexican American beer brands by teaming up with well-known beer distributors to introduce their high-quality core brands to the rest of the US; Rico (6.5 ABV), El Primero (5.0 ABV), and Limón (5.0 ABV).

Phil Jamison, President of Chihuahua Cerveza, elaborates on the mission of Chihuahua Cerveza, “Adding these new states is part of our long-term vision to share Chihuahua Cerveza with beer lovers across the USA”. In a year defined by impossible obstacles, Chihuahua Cerveza has tried to do the improbable and continue to launch a new brand. “We are proud of the quality and taste of Chihuahua Cerveza beers, but our vision goes beyond that,” said Jamison. “We started Chihuahua Cerveza to create a brand to fill a gap in the Mexican lager category, one that celebrates the merging of Mexican and American culture in the USA.”

Beer is a common denominator used to converge the greatness of both Mexican and American cultures and make a positive impact in communities nationwide. There is a new generation that cherishes both Mexican and American heritage and traditions, but also celebrates them in new, culturally relevant ways.


Founded in 2017 and brewed in the United States, Chihuahua Cerveza is “The Original Mexican American Beer®.” The word, “Chihuahua” is derived from the Nahuatl language meaning “The place where the waters of the rivers meet”, referencing the convergence of Rio Conchos and Rio Grande to form the U.S. and Mexican border. The name Chihuahua serves as a metaphor for the mission of Chihuahua Cerveza, which celebrates the convergence of two great cultures; expressed through the lives of a new generation collectively coming together to share in a vibrant and contemporary Mexican American experience; all with the goal of making positive impacts in our communities. Chihuahua Cerveza is presently sold in FL/GA/AZ/CA/TX/KS/OK and has been internationally recognized for their high quality Mexican lagers;Rico (6.5 ABV), El Primero (5.0 ABV) and Limón (5.0 ABV). For more information on the company visitwww.chihuahuacerveza.com or follow @chihuahuacerveza on Instagram.