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Devils Backbone Brewing Co. Unveils New Augmented Reality Packaging

Devils Backbone Brewing Co. Unveils New Augmented Reality Packaging

Devils Backbone Brewing Co. in Roseland, Virginia has announced new augmented reality packaging for three of its beers that comes to life when viewed through a smartphone camera.

"I’m extremely excited to introduce our new augmented reality packaging because it’s a technological solution to an analog challenge," said Devils Backbone COO Hayes Humphreys in a release. "Craft beer built its reputation on frequent and exciting innovation inside the bottle, but shakeups specific to the physical bottle, can, and box have been fewer and further between. Augmented reality technology significantly upgrades our ability to tell consumers about our beer in a fun and engaging way. Additionally, it does so without requiring any additional effort from our retailers and wholesalers; it literally turns regular shelf space into a walking, talking billboard that highlights the beautifully illustrated packaging we recently rolled out." 

Here's a video from Devils Backbone President Steve Crandall previewing how it looks:

The full release from the brewery is below.

Virginia-based craft brewery Devils Backbone Brewing Company has just announced the release of their new augmented reality packaging!

Never heard of augmented reality? It’s a fancy way of saying they take what you see in front of you on their packaging and give it life when you view it through your smartphone camera. You just need to follow a couple of easy steps which you can find in their fact sheet here.

Devils Backbone developed this innovative new feature to let you really dive into the story behind three of their brands: Vienna Lager, Gold Leaf Lager, and Striped Bass Pale Ale.

  • Vienna Lager: A barn swallow that does bird impressions? Yep. He’s essentially the protagonist at Devils Backbone - found on the packaging of their flagship beer & flying around the state of Virginia and the Vienna Lager motherland of Austria.
  • Striped Bass Pale Ale: Meet a soul-singing bass who’s as entertaining as he is philanthropic, singing about oyster restoration and clean water in the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Gold Leaf Lager: Laugh at a squirrelly dog whose impatience is the opposite of our meticulous lagering process.