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Dokkaebier Expands Reach Through Partnership with Saccani Distributing Company

Discover Dokkaebier's Asian-inspired craft beers now available at new retailers in Central and Northern California through its partnership with Saccani Distributing Company. Explore their award-winning kimchi sour and other unique brews.
Dokkaebier Expands Reach Through Partnership with Saccani Distributing Company

Dokkaebier, the renowned Oakland, California craft brewery celebrated for its fusion of Asian-inspired ingredients, proudly announces its recent distribution agreement with Saccani Distributing Company. This strategic alliance will see Dokkaebier's acclaimed kimchi sour and a range of globally recognized craft beers hitting the shelves of new retailers across 22 counties in Central and Northern California.

“We are proud to start our partnership with such a great brewery that brings creative packaging and innovative flavors to the market, including the kimchi sour and classics like the rice kolsch,” said Saccani Distributing Company sales manager Bill Earley. “Dokkaebier will be the only brand of its kind at Saccani and will be an asset for cornering the market for Asian-inspired beers.”

With Dokkaebier's meteoric rise in the craft brewery scene, this partnership signifies a significant milestone in their expansion strategy. Boasting a portfolio of 50 original craft beers, Dokkaebier has swiftly garnered a loyal following both domestically and internationally, with its products available not only across the U.S. but also in Germany and the European Union.

The journey of Dokkaebier traces back to its inception in 2020, culminating in the establishment of its flagship brewery and taproom in downtown Oakland following the acquisition of Federation Brewing in April 2023. In a testament to its rapid growth, Dokkaebier has already claimed the spot as the 12th largest brewery in the San Francisco Bay Area, according to data from the San Francisco Business Times.

About Dokkaebier

Dokkaebier stands at the forefront of the craft brewing movement, drawing inspiration from Asian culinary traditions to craft unique and innovative beers. Since its founding, Dokkaebier has amassed international acclaim, earning prestigious awards and accolades from esteemed competitions such as the World Beer Championships, Annual Brewski Awards, and the Red Dot Design Award.

About Saccani Distributing Company

Established in April 1933 by Albert Saccani, Saccani Distributing Company has remained a steadfast presence in the beverage distribution landscape of Central and Northern California. As the sole surviving member of the original 17 beer distributors in the Sacramento area, Saccani Distributing continues to uphold its legacy of excellence, serving as a wholesaler for a diverse array of craft breweries, domestic and imported beers, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

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