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Dyckman Beer Co. Now Available at Yankee Stadium

Dyckman Beer Co. Now Available at Yankee Stadium

Dyckman Beer Co. in New York, New York has announced that it is now available at Yankee Stadium, as the team aims to continue its torrid start to the year. Full details are below.

NEW YORK, New York – Dyckman Beer Co., a craft beer company inspired by the flavors, the people and the culture of Uptown NYC, has announced it is joining the expanding beer selection at Yankee Stadium and available for purchase at multiple bars throughout the venue starting this summer 2022.

The classic Dyckman Brew Pilsner 19 oz cans (5% A.B.V.) can be found at sections 236 and 227 concession stands at the stadium. With a deep golden color and thin white head, Dyckman Brew’s slightly sweet aroma is characterized by an undertone of pale malts and citrus notes. This premium lager is cool fermented and aged for six weeks to create an exceedingly balanced malty-sweet flavor with a spicy finish. It boasts a smooth, rich, and refreshing feel.

“Baseball and beer are one of life’s most classic combinations. We’re excited to share our inspired flavors with sports and beer enthusiasts in our own backyard,” says Dyckman Beer Co. founder Juan J. Camilo. “To be able to have a Latino owned brand, with their roots in Uptown and the Bronx, shining bright next to the big domestic beer brands at Yankee Stadium is an incredible step forward for Dyckman Beer.”

About Dyckman Beer Co.

At Dyckman Beer Co., we craft beers inspired by the flavors, the people, and the culture of Uptown NYC. We aim to elevate the beer standard Uptown to a level deserving of those that call it home. Our beers are created with respect for the brewing craft and an edge of rebellion against the weak and watered-down. We believe that beer is an experience. Each bottle is a moment to be savored, a dose of courage, a relief from chaos, or a soul-bending indulgence. We take pride in our beer. We love our beer, and we hope you do too.

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