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Fibonacci Brewing Co. Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Fibonacci Brewing Co. Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Fibonacci Brewing Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio has celebrated its fifth anniversary. Despite all the hardships that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought on the smallest brewery in Ohio, the company is happy to announce its fifth anniversary.

CINCINNATI, OH— Fibonacci Brewing Company might be the smallest brewery in the state, but that doesn’t keep them from doing big things. When COVID hit this spring, Fibonacci was the first to launch drive thru and delivery services and is still maintaining it five days a week. Like the “milkman”, Fibonacci delivers beer to all of Hamilton County and picks up empty growlers for the next refill. In addition, the brewery also has a legitimate drive thru window so customers can order online and pick up without having to come inside. Providing these services is part of what has kept this nanobrewery in business this year.

In early April, about a month after the COVID closures, Fibonacci suffered a tornado and close to $20,000 in property damages. Again this brewery did what was needed to stay open, without power, running on a generator, and without a street sign that took about 6 weeks to replace. With a tiny open sign in the window, customers were somehow able to find the drive thru and Fibonacci kept delivering orders throughout Hamilton county every day of the week. At this point, most of the damage has been repaired, but Fibonacci is still waiting on a new roof for the brewery.

During the last few months, Fibonacci has still worked to help the local community by brewing beers to support hospitality professionals, women in beer, and supporting their local community non-profits like the Alliance food pantry and after school program. Fibonacci has continued to host its monthly farmers markets to assist with food insecurity needs in Mount Healthy where there is a food desert and they are able to offer SNAP and Produce Perks benefits as well as voter registration.

According to co-owner and President Betty Bollas, “It’s been rough the last few months for small businesses, but we have also had some great support. People have left us notes of encouragement in their online orders, dropped off inspirational painted rocks, hand sewn face masks, and our staff have been right there with us and doing everything they can to help keep us going. Despite all obstacles, we are still in business and we want to celebrate that with the people who have been there with us over the last few months or over the last five years. We are feeling positive for what our future will be as we continue to build our community, brewery, and urban farm with the amazing people who support us!”

To learn more about Fibonacci Brewing Company, please visit www.fibbrew.com.

About Fibonacci Brewing Company

Fibonacci Brewing Company is a nanobrewery and urban farm nestled in historic Mt. Healthy, Ohio with an onsite Airbnb. Fibonacci chooses to source locally for the majority of their beers through local farms and ingredients grown onsite and foraged nearby. They are also a winery and offer a red and white varietal. Named after Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano, commonly known as Fibonacci, the brewery integrates math, science, and nature into their beer, taproom design, events, workshops and offers private event space.