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Monday Night Brewing Announces To-Go Program

Monday Night Brewing Announces To-Go Program

Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia has announced a to-go program in which 25 percent of sales and 100 percent of all tips will go to furloughed employees who lost their positions due to the COVID-19 crisis. Full details from the brewery are below.


As one of the larger local breweries, we feel a duty to inform y’all about the state of the local beer scene. The current COVID-19 health crisis has threatened not only our brewery, but every small brewery in Georgia (and country, for that matter). Taprooms are the economic engine that fuel a brewery’s growth and, in many cases, keep the lights on. Once we made the decision to close our taprooms, we were forced to furlough more than half of our employees - nearly 50 in all. Any remaining staff have either taken pay cuts or had their hours reduced. These big staff changes are the only thing keeping us afloat (hopefully) long enough to ride this crisis out. 

Smaller breweries that don’t have the same distribution and wholesale business as us are suffering even more. We recognize this health crisis is hitting everyone at the same time - but if you do find yourselves with a few extra bucks to spend on local beer, we ask that you spend it with your local brewery, either by visiting directly (many are launching to-go programs) or purchasing at the store.

We just launched to-go program and will be donating 25% of all sales and 100% of any tips to our furloughed employees. It has been heartbreaking having to make these tough decisions just to be able to stay in business a bit longer. If anything gives us hope, it’s you. The craft beer community has been so amazing through all of this. Stay classy y’all. And safe.

If you're looking for a way to help, you can drop by if you need to replenish your beer stash (details below), or order a gift card on our online store.

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