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The New Has Arrived

Online Reviews and BC Network Are New Features on Website
The New Beer Connoisseur Website Has Arrived

The Beer Connoisseur® magazine has relaunched its website, which now features a one-of-a-kind online review for beer enthusiasts.

The print magazine has established a reputation for editorial excellence and what many regard as the most respected beer review in the independent media. The Popular Review is an opportunity for readers to participate in the review process through a unique online platform.

 “Our new online Popular Review at is open to all beer enthusiasts who want to share their impressions of a beer,” said Lynn Davis, Founder and Publisher. “This new Popular Review format enables beer drinkers to challenge themselves to get the most from a brew by checking out its individual components and overall appeal.” Readers can access hundreds of beers online for review by signing up with a User Account and then visiting the Popular Review.

The new website will continue the magazine’s tradition of expert reviews in the Judges Review. It is open to all Beer Judge Certification Program judges with a National ranking or higher as well as certified Master Cicerones. “We want to encourage all of our online readers to appreciate an expert point of view and to develop a growing appreciation of beer,” said Davis. 

Another new feature of the website is the BC Network, a wealth of links and information at a reader’s fingertips. The BC Network includes all things beer – from breweries and brewpubs to restaurants, gastropubs, festivals, retail stores, homebrew supplies and more.

As might be expected, the relaunched website follows in the magazine’s tradition of evocative stories and photography from in-house staff and by experts from all over the world. The stories highlighted in this current edition of the bi-weekly newsletter confirm The Beer Connoisseur® is continuing to add new chapters in editorial excellence when it comes to discovering the world of beer.

The new site is easily navigated between the major editorial categories, which are continually refreshed. “We hope the readers enjoy reviewing beers and using the BC Network as well as the outstanding stories,” said Davis. “We’re looking forward to hearing their feedback in the comments sections and in the forums. Beer is about community and we hope that readers will enjoy visiting and participating in our online community.”