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New Belgium Introduces Cocktail Beer

New Belgium Pear Ginger Beer, Beer Connoisseur

New Belgium Brewing has announced the next addition to its Lips of Faith series, Pear Ginger Beer, which can function as a cocktail mixer or a standalone beer.
The 10 IBU, seven percent ABV offering is New Belgium’s first foray into the burgeoning beer cocktail field. See the full press release below:



 Latest Lips of Faith offering is an invigorating summer sipper for
craft beer lovers and cocktail mixologists alike

 FT. COLLINS, COLO., MAY 14, 2015 – New Belgium Brewing [5] is shaking
it up this summer, giving beer and cocktail lovers a chance to mingle
over an adventurous new libation. Pear Ginger Beer is New Belgium’s
latest Lips of Faith offering, updating the Victorian-era ginger beer
with whimsical additions of lemon peel and pear. The result is a zesty,
refreshing drink that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed into a

 Warm, spicy ginger punctuates a lively wash of sunny lemon, sweet pear
and bready white wheat for a delightful first tongue tingle followed by
just the right amount of heat. Pear Ginger Beer pairs perfectly with
gin, rum, tequila or rye whiskey for a ready-for-anything cocktail, but
can also be enjoyed all on its own.

 “The only thing I love as much as an amazing craft beer is a rye
whiskey and ginger beer,” said Lauren Salazar, New Belgium’s Wood
Cellar Blender and Specialty Brand Manager. “More and more, great beer
and cocktail bars now participate in Beer Mixology – the art of
crafting amazing beer cocktails. It’s truly where the science of
brewing and the art of cocktails meet. So we decided to create a beer
that is wonderful on its own and doubles as a great cocktail mixer.”

At seven percent ABV and 10 IBUs, Pear Ginger Beer is an adventurous
beer for the summer. Drink it straight, no chaser, or put a new spin on
a classic gimlet. Pear Ginger Beer is available in 22 oz. bombers and on
draft. Pricing varies by location.