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New York's First Farm Cidery, Nine Pin Ciderworks, Unveils Montmorency Cherry in Its New Harvest Series: A Tribute to Local Agriculture and Business

Discover the delightful taste of Montmorency Cherry, the latest addition to Nine Pin Ciderworks' Harvest Series - a tribute to New York's agriculture and local businesses. Crafted with 100% local New York apples and tangy Montmorency cherries, this co-fer
New York's First Farm Cidery, Nine Pin Ciderworks, Unveils Montmorency Cherry in Its New Harvest Series: A Tribute to Local Agriculture and Business

Nine Pin Ciderworks, the pioneering farm cidery of New York, has once again delighted cider enthusiasts with the launch of their newest creation - Montmorency Cherry, the second installment in their much-anticipated Harvest Series. This series, an ode to agriculture and local businesses, underscores Nine Pin's unwavering commitment to promoting and supporting the state's thriving agricultural community.

With a simple yet powerful mission to bolster New York's agriculture, Nine Pin Ciderworks remains steadfast in its pursuit of crafting exceptional craft ciders exclusively using 100 percent locally sourced New York apples and fruit. The Harvest Series serves as a tribute to this mission, proudly showcasing some of the most exceptional and flavorsome ingredients cultivated in the lush lands of New York State. The latest addition to the series, Montmorency Cherry, promises to be a true sensory delight.

“Supporting New York agriculture is the core tenet of Nine Pin,” said Alejandro del Peral, co-founder and head cidermaker. “The Harvest Series allows us to celebrate New York’s agricultural treasures, while also supporting independent retailers who have helped Nine Pin grow throughout the years.”

Montmorency cherries, known for their tantalizing tartness and tanginess, beautifully complement the natural sweetness of apples, resulting in a co-fermented hard cider that's a treat for the taste buds. To ensure the utmost quality and freshness, Nine Pin sourced these delectable cherries from Bittner-Singer Farms, nestled in the picturesque town of Appleton, N.Y., just south of Lake Ontario in Niagara County.

Crafted with precision and passion, Montmorency Cherry will be available in 12 oz. cans, boasting an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 5.7 percent. This enticing cider is poised to capture the hearts of cider enthusiasts, whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a delectable meal.

In their endeavor to support local small businesses, the Harvest Series will be exclusively available at independent retailers scattered across the entire state of New York. This strategic decision will not only bolster local commerce but also foster a deeper sense of community and collaboration. For those eager to indulge in Nine Pin's extraordinary offerings, Montmorency Cherry can also be savored at their tasting room located in the heart of Albany, N.Y.

Since its inception, Nine Pin Ciderworks has remained committed to sustainability, innovation, and the celebration of all things local. Through their Harvest Series, the cidery reiterates its dedication to cultivating a cider culture that honors the essence of New York's bountiful agriculture.

As Montmorency Cherry finds its way into the glasses of cider enthusiasts across the state, Nine Pin Ciderworks continues to lead the charge in elevating the New York cider industry to unprecedented heights. So, whether you're an avid cider connoisseur or simply seeking an authentic taste of New York's agricultural bounty, make sure to get your hands on Montmorency Cherry and join Nine Pin Ciderworks on their remarkable journey to support local agriculture and businesses.