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Orval Day is March 24, 2018

Orval Day 2018

Orval is one of the most popular Trappist breweries, and once a year, Orval Day occurs as a charitable way for Trappist breweries of all stripes to give back. This year, the event is slated for March 24. Here is the full release from Merchant Du Vin:

Brewed at one of the world's eleven Trappist breweries, Orval has earned global recognition. Beer salespeople often say "there is no other beer like this one," but this is Orval: made from pale & caramel malts, with liquid candi sugar; fermented by Orval yeast; dry-hopped, then bottle-conditioned with Brettanomyces, a yeast that slowly consumes complex sugars. This leads to Orval's ageworthiness; its dry finish; a bold, acidic sharpness; and a sourness that is somehow soft and appealing.

Orval Day started as a way to recall this wonderful ale, to experience the flavor, and to increase sales of Orval. And while profits from Orval and other Trappist breweries go to charity at the brewery level, Merchant du Vin will donate fifty cents for every bottle of Orval sold in the US in March '18 to our charity partner, MAP International, a global health organization that provides life-saving medicines to people living in poverty. Join us Saturday, March 24 at hundreds of accounts around the country: have a delicious treat for a great cause. One dollar donated to MAP yields $80 worth of prescription medicine, and we'd like to bring a million-dollar benefit to the people around the world helped by this great charity.   map.org

Merchant du Vin imports Samuel Smith's from England; Traquair House from Scotland; Ayinger and the organic beers of Pinkus from Germany. Our offerings from Belgium include Lindemans lambics, Green's gluten-free beers, Du Bocq and the Trappist beers of Orval, Westmalle & Rochefort.