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Pyramid Brewing Announces Packaging Redesign

Pyramid Brewing Announces Packaging Redesign

Pyramid Brewing in Seattle, Washington has announced a redesign of its packaging, streamlining and updating some of its popular brands. Full details are below.

SEATTLE– Pyramid Brewing, makers of the award-winning Apricot Ale, announced a major packaging redesign for the brewery’s existing beer lineup. With an entirely new look, the updates offer fresh imagery and bold patterns to keep longtime Pyramid fans thirsty while drawing the attention of newer craft beer drinkers.

“After trying out a wildly new design on Blazing Bright, we knew it was time to take a big leap with our entire lineup,” said Pyramid Brewing’s Brand Director, Bruce Kehe. “It’s been a ton of fun working on and launching such a large packaging overhaul. The new art does a fantastic job echoing the pride we have in our beer’s quality and flavor.”

For decades the primary feature of the brewery’s packaging has been the iconic pyramids situated in illustrated landscapes. For the new packaging, these scenes are replaced with a graphic-forward, simplified identity. Each beer’s ingredients, history, and personality are distilled into a single icon wrapped in waves of bright, radiating lines. When placed side by side, the individual brands contribute to a unified billboard effect.

The design project was executed by Tim Karpinksi, a Portland-based graphic design conceptor who tested a half dozen explorations before arriving at the new, final architecture. He also made subtle adjustments to the Pyramid logo by giving the pyramids a cleaner and sharper two-color look and attaching them directly to Pyramid’s wordmark.

The new designs are featured on all 12oz bottles, 22oz bottles and package cartons for Pyramid Hefeweizen, Apricot Ale, Outburst Imperial IPA, and the seasonal series, which includes Snow Cap Winter Ale, Curveball Blonde Ale, and Subliminal State Hazy Pale Ale. Early versions of the art have been seen on Blazing Bright Juicy IPA and on some seasonal releases. The remaining brands will receive the new design treatment throughout the year.

About Pyramid Brewing

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Pyramid Brewing Co. crafts some of the PNW’s favorite brews from its year-round ales and lagers to its highly anticipated rotating seasonals. In 1984, Pyramid discovered a new way of crafting beer by bringing together adventure, friends, and bold new flavors and innovations that have withstood the tests of time. Find Pyramid beers by visiting: www.pyramidbrew.com.