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Rupee Beer Expands Presence in NYC, Partnering with Union Beer for Exclusive Distribution

Discover Rupee Beer's expansion into NYC! Exclusive distribution with Union Beer brings Indian-inspired brews to the Big Apple. Taste the flagship Basmati Rice Lager, India Pale Ale and Mango Wheat Ale.
Rupee Beer Expands Presence in NYC, Partnering with Union Beer for Exclusive Distribution

Rupee Beer, hailing from India, is poised to make waves in New York City in 2024. With its eye-catching range of easy-to-drink brews inspired by Indian flavors, Rupee is on a mission to solidify its position as a household name in the global food and beverage scene.

Recognized as the "Best Beer for World Food" and riding high on the wave of 2024's top beer industry trends, Rupee has captured the attention of both critics and consumers alike. Crafted by a master beer brewer and Indian chef, Rupee's innovative approach to brewing has garnered it a spot among the "Top 15 People to Watch in Craft Beer."

Already making a splash in the restaurant and beer sectors, Rupee's rapid growth trajectory has paved the way for expansion into new markets across the United States. Leveraging top-notch ingredients such as premium basmati rice, maize, malt, and a blend of three distinct hops, Rupee Beer offers a refreshing departure from traditional brews. With reduced carbonation levels, Rupee ensures that drinkers can enjoy their favorite international cuisines without the discomfort of feeling overly full or bloated.

“Rupee is no longer exclusively just an Indian brand. Our brand and story will always be Indian at heart, and now we are sold into a variety of international restaurants outside the Indian category ranging from Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean and Mexican.”

To fuel its upward trajectory, Rupee Beer has inked an exclusive distribution deal with Union Beer, a Sheehan Family Company, for the bustling New York City and Long Island markets. With a strategic focus on the NYC market, Rupee will reintroduce its flagship Basmati Rice Lager, year-round India Pale Ale, and summer seasonal Mango Wheat Ale to beer enthusiasts across the city.

With Union Beer's extensive distribution network and Rupee's innovative lineup of brews, this partnership is poised to elevate the beer-drinking experience for New Yorkers and beyond. As Rupee Beer continues to expand its footprint, it's clear that the Indian-inspired brews are set to become a staple in the Big Apple's thriving craft beer scene.