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SLO Brew’s Cali-Squeeze Raises $7,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness

SLO Brew’s Cali-Squeeze Raises $7,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness

SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo, California has announced that it will donate $7,000 to the nonprofit Beer for Boobs to support breast cancer research. Full details are below.

San Luis Obispo, CA. – California brewery SLO Brew is making a $7,000 donation to the nonprofit Beer for Boobs to support breast cancer research and recovery organizations with their flagship Blood Orange Cali-Squeeze.

Since launching in 2017, SLO Brew has been linking hands with Beer 4 Boobs during October to financially support fellow nonprofit organizations like Susan G. Komen’s three-day, 60-mile walk for a cure in San Diego, alongside the American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House & Some of My Best Friends Are Bald. This year marks the largest donation in the partnership’s history.

“We are proud to make our largest contribution yet to such a great cause,” said co-owner Hamish Marshall. “Thank you to everyone who joined the rally for breast cancer awareness by picking up a Cali-Squeeze.”

This October, craft beer retailers and major beer outlets across the country stocked their fridges with the juiced-up Hefeweizen known for its signature deep-pink color. Additionally, for the first time in the brewery’s history, California natives were able to have 12oz and 16oz cans, wrapped in limited edition pink packaging. delivered straight to their door by ordering online.

In reflection of the campaign’s success, SLO Brew was able to present a $7,000 check to the nonprofit with the participation of their long-term distributor Pacific Beverage Company.

“Through such a challenging year, our collaboration with SLO Brew has been a shining light,” said Beer for Boobs founder Lisa White. “We’re proud to give all we can to the fight against breast cancer ”

For information on finding Cali-Squeeze near you, visit CaliSqueeze.com

Why Juice Up a Perfectly Delicious Hefeweizen?

The SLO Brew crew set off on a mission to can sunshine by brewing the ultimate infused wheat beer for an endless summer. Most so-called “fruit beers” (and hard seltzers) are made with extracts and phony flavorings, but Cali-Squeeze breaks from the mold by layering real fruit puree on a soft Hefeweizen base. Its natural, vibrant color and bursts of refreshing flavor will surprise and delight non-beer drinkers and hop heads alike.

Pack the cooler for the beach, lake, or pool and ease into California time with a juicy brew to bring summer home.

About SLO Brew

We began our journey in 1988 as a humble brewpub in the heart of California. Led by a passion for quality and craftsmanship, SLO Brewing Co. remains the Central Coast’s longest standing microbrewery, crafting gold-medal-winning beers and earning the honor of “Brew Pub of the Year” at The Great American Beer Festival. Our house of brands has grown to include SLO Brew craft beers, Tio Rodrigo craft micheladas, Porch Pounder premium canned wine, and Rod & Hammer’s SLO Stills craft whiskey.

About Beer For Boobs

Beer for Boobs is a nonprofit that helps raise funds for foundations that help in the fight, research, and recovery of cancer patients. Over the past 10 years, Beer for Boobs has participated in the Susan G. Komen 3-day, 60-mile walk in San Diego and has raised over $350,000 for the foundation. Beer for Boobs also gives annually to the American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House, & Some of My Best Friends Are Bald. In 2018, Beer for Boobs will also contribute to local charities in their main areas of locale- San Diego County and Western North Carolina specifically helping to fund mammograms for those without insurance in 2018/2019. The main goals are to get educated about their risk, keep funding research for a cure, and help those recovering get connected to wonderful resources that are available. All in all- we want to save the boobies!

For more information: https://calisqueezebeer.com/beer-4-boobs/