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Spoetzl Brewery Introduces K. Spoetzl Distilling Company and Shiner Craft Spirits

Experience the art of distillation, taste craft cocktails, and purchase exclusive bottles for an unforgettable spirit journey from Shiner Craft Spirits at the renowned K. Spoetzl Distilling Co.
Spoetzl Brewery Introduces K. Spoetzl Distilling Company and Shiner Craft Spirits

Spoetzl Brewery, the renowned family-owned craft brewer based in Shiner, Texas, known for its beloved Shiner Bock, has exciting news to share with spirits enthusiasts and craft beverage connoisseurs alike. Today, they proudly announce the launch of their onsite distillery, the K. Spoetzl Distilling Company, which will produce an exquisite range of Shiner Craft Spirits.

With an impressive legacy of over 114 years in crafting exceptional and groundbreaking brews, Spoetzl Brewery is venturing into new territory by expanding their renowned Shiner family of brands. This bold move entails the establishment of a cutting-edge distillery that will cater to the discerning tastes of spirit aficionados, featuring an array of meticulously crafted libations such as Vodka, Gin, and Moonshine, lovingly referred to as "Shiner Shine." Furthermore, the distillery has plans to introduce a selection of barrel-aged spirits in the near future, promising even more depth and complexity for spirit enthusiasts.

“The town of Shiner and surrounding areas have a colorful history of distilling that dates back to before Prohibition and ties into Shiner’s rich brewing heritage,” says Tom Fiorenzi, Director of Brewery and Distillery Operations, in a press release. “We believe our brewing experience crafting award-winning beers uniquely positions us to similarly craft the highest quality spirits for the demanding spirits consumer. The entire process – from grain to glass – will all be done by our team right here in Shiner; after all, great beer is the basis for great spirits.”

Located within the historic brewery, the K. Spoetzl Distilling Company has transformed one of the oldest cellars into a captivating haven for spirit production. To ensure the highest quality and authenticity, Shiner enlisted a world-class distillation system, meticulously assembled with copper pot stills and copper rectifying columns, expertly handcrafted in Scotland. Paying homage to the brewery's rich heritage, each batch of spirits passes through the iconic copper grant, a collection vessel designed by Shiner's legendary Brewmaster Kosmos Spoetzl back in 1947. “The copper from Kosmos’ grant refines the batch prior to its introduction to the still,” says Jessica Michalec, Spoetzl Distillery Manager. “From there, each batch receives the same care and attention from our distillers that our brewers would apply to our craft beers.”

Visitors are cordially invited to embark on an immersive distillery tour, available seven days a week, where they can witness the artistry of spirit-making firsthand. The experience includes the opportunity to sample a variety of Shiner Craft Spirits, allowing guests to indulge their palates and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each unique flavor profile. Moreover, the distillery boasts a thoughtfully curated menu of craft cocktails, ingeniously designed to showcase the local heritage and regional flavors, providing a truly authentic Texas drinking experience.

For those wishing to bring the Shiner Craft Spirits experience home, bottles of these extraordinary libations are exclusively available for purchase at the distillery's hospitality room. Whether savored individually or shared amongst friends, these spirits promise to elevate any gathering and offer a taste of Shiner's commitment to excellence.

Spoetzl Brewery's bold expansion into the realm of craft spirits through the K. Spoetzl Distilling Company represents an exciting chapter in their storied history. By combining their expertise in brewing with the art of distillation, they are pushing the boundaries of their brand and embarking on a new journey to captivate the hearts and palates of spirit enthusiasts far and wide.