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Three Magnets Brewing Co. Launches Self Care Line of Non-Alcoholic Beers

Three Magnets Brewing Co. Launches Self Care Line of Non-Alcoholic Beers

Three Magnets Brewing Co. in Olympia, Washington has announced that its Self Care line of non-alcoholic beers will be made available nationwide via a new website. Full details are below.

OLYMPIA, Wash. –Today, Three Magnets Brewing announced that their Self Care line of non-alcoholic beer will become a permanent offering, supported by the launch of its dedicated web store, DrinkSelfCare.com, which will extend access to consumers across the United States.

“Self care means different things to different people,” says co-owner Nathan Reilly. “Likewise, people have different reasons to reach for a non-alcoholic beer. We originally started brewing Self Care as a tool for craft beer lovers who are looking to drink less – whether it be for physical, mental, or emotional health reasons. But it very quickly dawned on us that it’s so much simpler than that – sometimes you just want a beer. But you also don’t. And the reason why you ‘don’t’ is really none of anyone’s business. And it’s certainly none of our business.”

“This realization led us to think about how NA beer is stigmatized, which is absolutely stupid. And sad. So it has kind of become our side-mission to not only provide a more healthful beer alternative, but to also destigmatize it along the way by offering a true craft beer experience, with all the buzz and excitement of regular craft beer, but, you know, without the actual buzz.”

Previous to the COVID shutdowns, co-owners Nathan and Sara Reilly had made a space available for evening Al-Anon meetings twice a week in their private room at the Three Magnets Pubhouse in Olympia, WA. Prior to that, they had provided the same at their previous restaurant, Darby’s Café, dating back to 2010.  The Self Care brand is in many ways a continuation in their efforts to not only support those who have chosen a life of sobriety, but also to provide a tool for folks to foster a healthier relationship with alcohol early in life before habits form.

New Self Care Varieties          

Following three previously sold-out Self Care beer varieties, Three Magnets Brewing is proud to announce the following four additional beers to the Self Care collection:

  • Self Care Italian Pilsner (Available 3/19)
  • Self Care Coconut Stout (Available 3/19)
  • Self Care Hazy IPA (Available 3/19)
  • Self Care West Coast IPA (Available 3/31)

“We believe that non-alcoholic craft beer should taste just as great as any other traditional craft beer you may have tried in the past,” says Aaron Blonden, World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival award-winning head brewer at Three Magnets Brewing.

“The non-alcoholic beer market is ready for innovation,” Blonden continues.  “‘NA’ beer has a huge hurdle in front of it because it is often projected as being less than—or not—carefully crafted. Developing non-alcoholic beer to contain traditional craft beer qualities is challenging, no question.”

With respect to innovating around new processes, Blonden says that leveraging relationships with small hop farms and malt houses to thoughtfully experiment with ‘NA’ brewing techniques has helped achieve what he believes are some of the absolute best non-alcoholic beers on the market.  “Certainly, much like producing a traditional beer, there is not always one approach to producing these ‘NA’ beverages.  Variability brings excitement to our release schedule, and we can’t wait for you to taste these latest releases!”


Self Care is now immediately available via DrinkSelfCare.com, and at select bottle shops and specialty grocers along the I-5 corridor in Washington, Oregon, and California.

About Three Magnets Brewing Co.

Three Magnets Brewing Co., a family owned 15bbl brewery and 200-seat restaurant, opened in 2014 in the heart of Downtown Olympia. Three Magnets distributes beer in Washington, Oregon, California and British Columbia. They also sell their beer online, alongside specially curated guest craft beer, via their web store, Porch Drops and Drink Self Care. Their restaurant/pub has a robust catering program, 3Mag Catering, and a meal/beer delivery program, Garden Movement, which was developed to drive business during the COVID shutdowns.

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