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Unlock the Festive Spirit with East Brother Beer Co.'s Exclusive Holiday Barrel-Aged Series

Indulge in the holiday spirit with East Brother Beer Co.'s exclusive Barrel-Aged Series. Elevate your celebrations with meticulously crafted Russian Imperial Stout and Belgian Tripel, aged to perfection in bourbon barrels for a year. Explore unique gift b
Unlock the Festive Spirit with East Brother Beer Co.'s Exclusive Holiday Barrel-Aged Series

As the holiday season draws near, East Brother eagerly unveils a seasonal delight to elevate your celebrations: the limited-edition Barrel-Aged Series. This distinctive collection introduces connoisseurs to two meticulously crafted barrel-aged wonders—the Russian Imperial Stout and the Belgian Tripel. A heartfelt homage to brewing traditions of yesteryear, this series pays tribute to artisans who revered time and patience as essential ingredients alongside malt and yeast. Each brew has matured for a full year in carefully selected bourbon barrels, embodying a commitment to quality and heritage.

More than just exceptional beers, this release encapsulates the essence of the holidays. In a season where people seek unique and memorable gifts, our Barrel-Aged Series provides a rare and thoughtful option for beer enthusiasts and a delightful addition to festive gatherings. In a year marked by a craving for the familiar, we bring an extraordinary touch to the holiday table.

Explore the Barrel-Aged Beers

Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout (11.7% ABV): A robust and dark stout intertwining flavors of dark cacao, coffee, toasted oak, and bourbon. It's a complex tale in a glass, perfect for savoring during the long winter nights.

Barrel-Aged Belgian Tripel (10.3% ABV): Marrying timeless Belgian yeast character with notes of vanilla, oak, and sweet cacao, enriched by the warm embrace of the bourbon barrel. A smooth sipper, ideal for toasting the year's end and welcoming new beginnings.

Unique Holiday Gift Boxes: Priced at $45, each Holiday Gift Box offers a curated experience of our Barrel-Aged Series. Choose between a box featuring two 16oz cans of the Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout or the Barrel-Aged Belgian Tripel, accompanied by a seasonal-themed commemorative glass. These boxes make for the perfect holiday gift, providing a taste of our year-long brewing journey wrapped up in a package ideal for sharing with friends, family, or enjoying yourself.

Act Now! Secure your holiday cheer at before it's gone. Don't miss the chance to indulge in the extraordinary this festive season.