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Wyndridge Beverage Announces Two Brands: Wyndridge Cider Co. and Winding Path Brewing Co.

Wyndridge Beverage Announces Two Brands: Wynridge Cider Co. and Winding Path Brewing Co.

Wyndridge Beverage in Dallastown, Pennsylvania has created two separate brands: one for cider, one for beer. Wyndridge Cider Co. is the company's cider brand, and Winding Path Brewing Co. is the brewery's beer brand. More details on this are below.

YORK, Pa. — Wyndridge Farm, located at 885 S. Pleasant Avenue, Dallastown, PA 17313, is excited to introduce two new brands. Necessity always leads to innovation, and after years of Wyndridge Beverage improving their process, Wyndridge Cider Company & Winding Path Brewing Company is born.

Wyndridge Cider Co.’s hard cider is fermented cold & blended with fresh pressed state-grown apples. They have become a staple hard cider brand by way of innovative flavors, crisp taste & one of the top cidermasters this side of the Mississippi. You will find Scott Topel & Wyndridge Cider Co. at the forefront of pushing boundaries while delivering quality & consistency. On Friday, January 17th at 4pm, Wyndridge Cider Co. will hit the shelves at Wyndridge Farm, with four new flagships, one seasonal and one limited edition. Flagships include, Original Cider, Cranberry, Black Cherry and Apples N’ Oranges. The seasonal is Honey Lavender and the limited edition, only available at Wyndridge Farm, Brown’s Orchards & York Central Market is the Maple Bourbon. Samples will be available all day at the farm.

With a new Brewmaster, Irena Wise at the helm, the search to name their new project began. In the Old English translation the word “Windridge” means “Dweller at a ridge with a Winding Path”. It was only fitting that their name became the planted root of what they had already started to grow. Wyndridge Beverage is proud to put Winding Path Beer on the map with intention, identity, quality and purpose. On Tuesday, December 31st, New Year’s Eve, Winding Path Brewing Co. will make its debut at Wyndridge Farm, showcasing three new flagship beers. Hazeway IPA, Slightbend IPA, 885 Porter, and one seasonal, Peaches N’ Cream IPA. All will be available on tap and for purchase in the Farm Store.

SAVE THE DATE – Mark your calendars for Thursday February 6th, as Wyndridge Farm celebrates the launch of Winding Path Brewing Co. & Wyndridge Cider Co. The celebration starts at 6pm. Enjoy samples, bar games, music & plenty of giveaways! Find more details at BeverageReleaseParty.Eventbrite.com.