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Lakefront Brewery Introduces "Bog Goddess" Pink Boots Lager: Celebrating Wisconsin's Cranberry Heritage

Lakefront Brewery Introduces "Bog Goddess" Pink Boots Lager: Celebrating Wisconsin's Cranberry Heritage

Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin proudly unveils its latest creation, the "Bog Goddess" Pink Boots Lager, in commemoration of their fourth year participating in brewing Pink Boots beer. Crafted in collaboration with the Pink Boots Society, this cranberry and orange infused lager not only tantalizes the taste buds but also supports women and non-binary individuals in the fermented beverage industry.

The Pink Boots Society's annual Collaboration Brew Day sees registered teams across the globe brewing beer, with proceeds contributing to scholarships aimed at empowering women and non-binary individuals in the beverage sector. Lakefront Brewery's 2024 Pink Boots offering pays homage to Wisconsin's cranberry bog heritage with its fruity and refreshing profile.

"Being involved in Pink Boots Society means being part of a symposium with other women and non-binary folks in the brewing industry; we talk, we drink, we learn and share our experiences with each other,” said Lakefront Brewery’s Excise Tax & Compliance Manager, Kelsey Moses. “This year marks the 10th anniversary of Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day and Lakefront's 4th year hosting a collaboration brew day, getting bigger and better with more connections made every year.”

"Bog Goddess" boasts a delightful blend of tart cranberry and sweet orange, accentuated by hints of toasty Vienna malt, resulting in a smooth and easy-drinking experience. Sporting a 6% ABV and 13 IBUs, this draft-only offering will be exclusively available at select locations including Lakefront's Beer Hall and other renowned establishments such as Roman Coin, Nessun Dorma, Erv's Mug, Sir James Pub, Cloud Red and Sugar Maple.

Lakefront’s Gift Shop/Donation Manager, Liz Mauritz added, "Since my position is administrative, I'm removed from the brewing process; participating in Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day has helped me expand my knowledge of beer and brewing. Attending chapter meetings has instilled a greater sense of belonging and improved my self-confidence in the male-dominated world of beer."

To mark its official release, Sugar Maple in Bay View will host an exclusive event on Thursday, April 18th, from 5pm to 9pm, inviting beer enthusiasts to savor the unique flavors of "Bog Goddess" Cranberry and Orange Lager.

Lakefront Brewery, Inc. stands as a beacon of innovation within the brewing industry, distributing its products across 30 states, Ukraine, Sweden, and Canada. Notably, Lakefront Brewery holds the distinction of being the first brewery in Wisconsin and the 22nd in the world to achieve B Corporation certification. With a legacy of pioneering initiatives, including the utilization of indigenous Wisconsin yeast strains and producing the first gluten-free beer approved by the U.S. Government, Lakefront Brewery continues to push the boundaries of craft brewing.

For more information about Lakefront Brewery and its diverse range of offerings, visit or contact (414) 372-8800.