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May / June 2017, Issue 30 Has Arrived!

May / June 2017, Issue 30
May / June 2017, Issue 30

If you've ever turned the dial to your local public broadcasting television channel, then you're probably acquainted with the worldly travel guru and Bill Gates doppelganger Rick Steves, who has made it his mission to travel the globe and show Americans the faces and places they have never encountered.

Mr. Steves contends that everyone should see the world, and by doing so, will see their preconceived notions of other cultures melt into fascination and appreciation. When we break bread and clink glasses together, we're reminded of the common threads that bind the fabric of humanity. Walls crumble when glasses are raised in collective celebration.

With these thoughts in mind, we bring you our May / June edition, which emphasizes the exploration of aspects of culture outside of our own. Sherry Dryja returns with a traditional three course Japanese feast (brews included) that can transport you around the world without leaving your dining room, and Jonathan Ingram checks in with the low down for beer travel and transport, or "the other kind of flight".

Next, we give you the skinny on the FDA's updated nutrition facts and what they mean for beer, so you can stay light on your feet before trekking into the wild west of beer law, also known as Utah. 

We know travel is easier said than done. It's expensive and exhausting, and downright impossible for some, which is why we've still got all the reviews, Brewer Q&A's, news, and insight from industry leaders you need to survey the world of beer from the comfort of your own bar.

Wherever you are, we hope the May / June 2017, Issue 30 of The Beer Connoisseur finds you well. Pop a bottle and let it take you to a place of peace. 

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