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Delve into the world's premier web magazine as it explores beer culture both in America and abroad. Readers will find in-depth articles covering the industry & people, news, food & travel, beer & trends, education, brewery tours, beer reviews and more!

With over 8-million readers annually, The Beer Connoisseur® is one of the highest read media sources covering the beer industry. Each edition is packaged similarly to the former and retired print magazine. Published bi-monthly (6x per year), editions feature a familiar designed cover, table of contents and advertising experience.

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General Website
Premium subscribers have access to all of the great free "public content" including reviews, blogs, best-of-lists, brewer interviews and more.

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Receive periodic offers, discounts, contests and sweepstakes opportunities from The Beer Connoisseur® hand selected partners.

Beer School
Become a beer connoisseur through our interactive video experience offering a comprehensive class schedule with in-depth tutorials and discussions led by Dave Lieberman of the Food Network. Enjoy a course schedule for the Brew House Curriculum and Perfect Pairings Curriculum that can be completed in stages at your convenience.

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